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Hi, My Name Is...The WWE Network - Today is my birthday

With permission from Doors, this is a special edition of Hi, My Name Is. You oughta check out his series if you haven't.

If you'll kindly check your calendars, today is the one year anniversary of WWE's 24-hour streaming service, the WWE Network. Launching to a litany of problems and treading water with disappointing subscriber numbers, it seems that the service is finally starting to hit its stride even though just about everyone and their mom and dad were predicting its demise. It's still possible, but it's about as likely as the Jets winning the Super Bowl. No offense, Jets fans, including you, Lilian Garcia if you're reading this. But you know I'm right on this one. *wink*

So... we're asking you to rate the WWE Network. We're using my scale for this one (the one used for the WWEekly Confidence Index, so 0-5 in ½ point increments). Tell us what you love about it and what you loathe about it. And as a bonus, what could be done to make the streaming service better.

Later in the week, I'll compile the best comments for the (unofficial) evaluation.

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