An open letter to Stephanie McMahon-Levesque

Dear Stephanie,

I decided to sit down and write an Open Letter to you today; I was prompted to do this after the sad display the Women who work for your company were forced to put on last night.

Quite frankly Stephanie, I have to say you failed every little girl and boy who watch your program. I consider myself a fan of the Women's Division and a big fan of your work. But after last night's display, I have to call into question whether or not your company has any respect for women what so ever. Your company was quick to jump on the #likeagirl band wagon, yet quickly betrayed all it stood for.

The 30 second farce your company put on last night was quite frankly disgusting. These four women, and in fact the entire Division, work their tails off to entertain the crowd, and they were rewarded with that poor segment. Your company hamstrings them from the moment the step through the curtain, with bad stories, bad morals, mistreatment by commentary, match times that ensure they will never be able to succeed, and character traits that no young girl should ever aspire to.

Last night your company failed every young girl who watches your program - failed them on every level and in every way.

Last night your company failed every young boy who watches your program - on every level as well.

Last night your company failed every fan of women's wrestling, young or old, male or female - your company let us down.

The young girls who watch your program deserve women they can look up to and aspire to be, they deserve heroes who make them want to be better people, villains they can root against and who can teach them that being a bad person does not pay off.

The young boys who watch your program are being taught that women have no real place in the world, that they are nothing more than filler or arm candy. They were in no way taught that they should respect women, value their contributions, or that women are just as capable of tearing down the house as the men in your employ.

Stephanie, the position you hold within this industry is a unique and powerful one - a position that no other person has ever been in before. You and you alone have the power to fix a long standing injustice in the wrestling business, one that has always seen women be misused and abused through out its entire history, a business that has positioned women to only be judged on their sex appeal and not the content of their characters. You have the power and influence to change this.

Quite frankly Stephanie, in this regard, you have failed miserably. But hope is not lost, this can still be fixed and you are uniquely positioned to right the ship.

I wish whole heartedly that by some wild circumstance you see this, that you make it your mission to fix the perception of women that your company helps perpetuate.


A Women's Wrestling Fan

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