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This Day in Wrestling History (February 24)

24 years ago today, NWA in association with WCW presented WrestleWar '91 from the Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • In a dark match, Eddie Guerrero & Ultraman defeated Huichol & Rudy Boy.
  • Ricky Morton, The Junkyard Dog, and Tommy Rich defeated Big Cat and State Patrol (Lt. James Earl & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker) to retain the WCW World Six Man Tag Team Championship.
  • Bobby Eaton defeated Brad Armstrong.
  • Itsuki Yamazaki & Mami Kitamura defeated Miki Handa & Miss A.
  • Dustin Rhodes defeated Buddy Landel.
  • The Southern Boys (Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers) defeated The Royal Family (Jack Victory & Rip Morgan).
  • Terrance Taylor defeated The Z-Man in a no disqualification match.
  • Big Van Vader and Stan Hansen fought to a double disqualification.
  • Lex Luger defeated Dan Spivey to retain the WCW United States Championship.
  • The Fabulous Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes) defeated Doom (Butch Reed & Ron Simmons) to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship.
  • Larry Zbyszko & The Four Horsemen (Barry Windham, Ric Flair & Sid Vicious) defeated Flyin' Brian, Sting & The Steiner Brothers (Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner) in a War Games match. The match was stopped when Brian Pillman was deemed unable to continue after he was knocked out from a series of powerbombs.

20 years ago today in Erlanger, Kentucky, Dan Severn defeated Chris Candido to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He would hold the championship for the next four years, losing it finally in 1999 to Naoya Ogawa. His 1,479 day run is the longest of the modern era and the second longest uninterrupted run in the history of the title, bested only by Dory Funk, Sr., who held the title for 1,563 days from 1969 to 1973.

WCW Superbrawl VII Opening Video by zep81videos

18 years and a day ago today, WCW presented Superbrawl VII from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. 13,224 were in attendance, wtih 275,000 homes watching on PPV.

  • In a dark match, Hugh Morrus defeated Joe Gomez.
  • In a dark match, Último Dragón defeated Pat Tanaka.
  • Syxx defeated Dean Malenko to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.
  • Konnan, La Parka and Villaño IV defeated Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo and Ciclope.
  • Prince Iaukea defeated Rey Mysterio, Jr. to retain the WCW World Television Championship.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Buff Bagwell by disqualification.
  • Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Jericho to retain the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship.
  • The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) defeated Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray) and The Faces of Fear (Meng and The Barbarian) in a triple threat tag team match.
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Steve McMichael. With the win, Jarrett was allowed to join the Horsemen.
  • Chris Benoit defeated Kevin Sullivan in a San Francisco deathmatch.
  • The Giant and Lex Luger defeated The Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) yo win the WCW World Tag Team Championship.
  • Hollywood Hogan defeated Roddy Piper to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Piper had the match and the title won when Hogan was knocked out via sleeper hold, but referee Mark Curtis said that Hogan's feet were under the ropes, meaning the hold had to be broken. Except Hogan's feet weren't under the ropes; Savage put his feet there too late. Sound familiar, right?

13 years ago today, World Wrestling All-Stars presented The Revolution from The Aladdin Casino Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show was the first live wrestling PPV not presented by WWE since the sale of WCW the previous year. The 2,800 in attendance was heavily papered (mostly comps and freebies). The show was to feature appearances from Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Randy Savage. Hall and Nash pulled out when they began negotiating with WWE (and eventually returned to the company), and Savage never appeared, but fans were informed of this prior to the event.

  • Nova defeated Low Ki, Shark Boy, A.J. Styles, Tony Mamaluke, and Christopher Daniels in an elimination match.
  • Alan Funk defeated Reno.
  • KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark) defeated Navajo Warrior and Ghost Walker.
  • Puppet the Psycho Dwarf defeated Teo in a midget hardcore match.
  • Scott Steiner defeated Disco.
  • Eddie Guerrero defeated Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera (c) in a three-way match to win the WWA International Cruiserweight Championship. Post-match, Jerry Lynn issued a challenge to the new champion. However, the match would never happen, as Guerrero returned to the WWF.
  • Devon Storm defeated Sabu in a no disqualification match.
  • Rick Steiner and Ernest Miller defeated West Hollywood Blondes (Lenny Lane and Lodi) in just 58 seconds.
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Brian Christopher to retain the WWA World Heavyweight Championship.

12 years ago today on RAW from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Booker T last eliminated The Rock to win a 20-man battle royal. With the win, he earned a world heavyweight championship match against Triple H at Wrestlemania XIX.

10 years ago today, WWE began contacting former ECW wrestlers to take part in a June 2005 PPV. That PPV: ECW One Night Stand.

6 years ago today, WWE announced in a press conference that Wrestlemania XXVI would take place in Phoenix, Arizona.

4 years ago today, USA Network announces that Steve Austin, Bill Demott, Booker T, and Trish Stratus have signed on as trainers for the Tough Enough reboot.

4 years ago today, WWE announces in a press release they have signed Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde, aka CMLL's top tecnico Mistico. The top draw in Mexico would be rechristened Sin Cara.

Not to be outdone, TNA issues a press release of their own saying that New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott would be featured on two episodes of Impact in early March. The episodes taped on this day four years ago. The live episode ended with this tease spoofing the 2/21/11 promos WWE ran with a 3/3/11 inscription. The tease was for the return of Sting, who...

4 years ago today on Impact from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Sting defeated Jeff Hardy to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

1 year ago today, WWE Network went live in the United States... to a slew of problems. Many were not able to sign up right away, with some having to wait hours or even days to get through. Those that did sign up experienced more problems: the streaming hiccupped often or in some cases, did not work altogether. Many of their early issues would be solved by Wrestlemania, but the Network was only made available legally in the United States for the first few months, leaving many international fans to skirt the system to get the Network.

That night, Hulk Hogan made his return to WWE for the first time since 2007 and announces himself (though it was leaked by TMZ a few days earlier) that he would be the host and star of Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans.

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