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The Bushwhackers officially announced for WWE Hall of Fame class of 2015

Today's Rumor Round-up brought the news, and this time, WWE didn't even bother having their corporate partners at TMZ "scoop" them. has made the newest Hall of Fame inductees official.

Joining Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Rikishi will be The Bushwackers, a 1980s and 90s tag team made up of two New Zealand natives who wrestled under the names Luke Williams and Butch Miller.

Over their 40 year career, Williams and Miller also wrestled under the name The Sheepherders with other members of their faction.  After competing across their home country and the United States under the NWA banner, their greatest fame came in the then WWF.  The Bushwhackers debuted for the company as it was expanding in the 80s and left (save for sporadic returns) in the mid-90s while it was facing stiff competition from WCW.

Heels for much of their pre-WWE career, the duo were comedic babyfaces for Vince McMahon.  They never held a championship, but were fan favorites for a time due to their willingness to feud with anyone and their wacky character tics, such as licking each other's heads.

They'll be the first Australians or Kiwis in the WWE Hall of Fame, a fact that Williams told Stuff magazine makes him proud.  "I'm like an ambassador for the country," he said.

With their big reveal so far being a posthumous inductee and the subsequent announcements focusing on mid-carders going in for their commitment and longevity more than kayfabe success, look for WWE to round out this class with some big names before the March 28th ceremony in San Jose.

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