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Bray Wyatt calls out The Undertaker at WWE Fastlane; Dead Man rumored for Raw

If there was any doubt, it's gone now.

Declaring himself "the new face of fear", Bray Wyatt put the capper on his weeks of promos by trolling the WWE Universe with a The Undertaker's full entrance, complete with chanting druids, lightning and the gong.  A casket - presumably the very one Wyatt has been building while preaching in his many Raw and Smackdown segments since Royal Rumble - was rolled out and opened to reveal The Eater of Worlds.

This time, he specifically called out The Dead Man instead of just cryptically referring to him by any number of nicknames or allusions.  Bray is looking to officially cement himself as a major player in WWE by taking on the man with the most famous streak in wrestling history at the event where he built it to 21 - 0 before being shockingly defeated by Brock Lesnar last year.


So far, the build has been excellent, even though we haven't seen Taker yet on WWE television.  Rumors are already swirling that the Legend (recently spotted looking like he's been training for a match) will show up on Raw in Nashville on Monday to kick off the build in earnest.

It is worth wondering if this wouldn't seem like a much bigger deal if the Streak were still intact, especially considering that Wyatt is a name that many fans floated as someone who could greatly benefit from the rub of breaking it.

But we'll never know, and we're left to see how well they can pull off a match between Bray - who they've clearly been invested in rebuilding from his Hell in a Cell return on - and a Phenom without the mystique of being unbeatable on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

How should they do it?  Are you excited with what we have, or will you always wonder what might have been if Brock hadn't gone over in New Orleans last year?

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