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WWE Fast Lane 2015 results, live streaming match coverage (Feb. 22): Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

WWE Fastlane is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Feb. 22, 2015) from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Fastlane below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! (Reminder: GIFs, pics, and links to illegal streams are not allowed in this thread. Offenders will be banned.)



Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan
Rusev def John Cena
Nikki Bella def. Paige
Tyson Kidd & Cesaro def The Usos
Bad News Barrett def. Dean Ambrose (DQ)
Goldust def. Stardust
Seth Rollins & Kane & Big Show def. Dolph Ziggler & Ryback & Erick Rowan



BaconStrips here. Let's do this


Preshow Highlights:

  • Ladies and gentlemen, Jon Stewart is coming after Seth Rollins. Also,Corey Graves puts his hat in to replace Stewart on The Daily Show, and Renee Young invites Stewart to a preshow panel
  • Eden interviews Team Ziggler about their match tonight. Ziggler says that they aren't gonna take The Authority's shenanigans anymore. Ryback says that the WWE Universe wants to see everyone feast on The Authority. Erick Rowan says that they have been abused for the last time.
  • Renee Young interviews Dean Ambrose about his Intercontinental Title match tonight. He touts the hell out of that title, calling it a stepping stone to the big title. He also says that the guy makes the championship, not the other way around.
  • Sheamus will return..........................whenever
  • Brock Lesnar is not in Memphis tonight...le sigh.
  • Mizdow is two seconds away from absolutely murdering Miz.
  • Paul Heyman assures us that Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania opponent will lose...whoever that may be.


WWE Signature and a video package hyping tonight's Fastlane festivities.

We get some pyro, and this show is officially going


Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback vs Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show

  • Ziggler and Rollins start. After a bit of fast-paced action, Ziggler goes for the superkick, which sends Rollins scurrying out of the ring.
  • Rollins reenters and eats a dropkick from Ziggler. Rowan is tagged in and starts going to work on Rollins, including using a nice pumphandle backbreaker.
  • After a bit more punishment, Rollins scurries to his corner and tags Kane in. Rowan takes immediate control of Kane with some power moves.
  • Kane shoves Rowan to his corner, where Show tags himself in and immediately takes control. After Rowan is dumped outside the ring, J&J Security tries to interject themselves to no success. Rowan executes a spinning heel kick on the ringpost.
  • Inside the ring, all three heels tag each other in and out to work on Rowan's bum leg. Rollins eventually hits a huge blockbuster for a two count. A few minutes later, Big Show locks in a Lasso from El Paso that would make Eddie Guerrero spin in his grave.
  • Show lines up for a chokeslam, but Rowan counters with a DDT. However, he cannot capitalize as Show is able to tag in Rollins, who takes Ziggler off the corner. Rollins eats a heel kick right after this.
  • Ryback gets a hot tag and goes to town. He hits Rollins with a Thesz Press and a powerbomb. He tries for the Meat Hook, but Kane comes in to block it. Rollins tries a cheap attack from behind, but Ryback dodges and tries for Shell Shocked, but J&J distract him.
  • After a two count following Avada Kerdavra, Rollins tries to hit Ryback with a top-rope knee, but Ryback dodges. After a moment, Rollins tries for another blockbuster, but Ryback catches Rollins in mid-air and delivers Shell Shocked. Despite this, Show immediately comes in to block the pin attempt.
  • Ziggler makes it back to the apron in time to get tagged in, and he gets another hot tag and goes to town. He delivers some big moves to Kane, including a DDT and a superkick. He lines up for the Zig-Zag, but is distracted by Rollins, who eats a Famouser.
  • Ziggler refocuses on Kane, who is in the corner. Ziggler mounts Kane for the ten corner punches, but Kane starts to dump Ziggler out of the ring. As this occurs, Big Show comes out of nowhere with a KO Punch. Ziggler dies and Kane pins him.

Team Authority def Team Ziggler

After the match, Team Authority beats down Team Ziggler. Ziggler and Rowan each eat a curb stomp. As Ryback is prepared for a curb stomp, RANDY FREAKING ORTON returns and RKOs everyone except Rollins, who runs away like a scalded dog.

We've missed you, Orton.


Backstage, Goldust is preparing for his match when Dusty Rhodes comes in. He tells Goldust to not hurt Cody as they are still brothers despite their feud. However, Goldust tells Dusty that he isn't facing Cody, but he's facing Stardust, and Stardust must be destroyed. Goldust isn't leaving until Cody is brought back.


Stardust vs Goldust

  • The Dusts lock up, but there is no clear frontrunner. Goldust eventually slaps Stardust, which sends him scurrying to the corner. There, he hears the "Cody" chants, which piss him off.
  • Some more fast-paced wrestling ensues, and once again, Stardust finds himself on the ground. More "Cody"chants ensue.
  • The Dusts start exchanging moves again, and Goldust picks up Stardust in what appears to be a Tombstone attempt, but Stardust reverses into a Tombstone-esque attempt. However, Goldust wiggles out and lines up for a Curtain Call, but Stardust runs out of the ring. The brother have another staredown.
  • More back and forth action, and Stardust finds himself outmatched by Goldust. He is forced to leave the ring to regroup. When he reenters, Goldust takes control again and lines Stardust up for Shattered Dreams. Stardust escapes and reenters the ring. Here, Stardust is able to take control of Goldust.
  • In the ring, Stardust starts working Goldust's midsection with a few strikes and a body-scissors. Stardust releases the scissors and delivers the suplex-facebuster for a two count following a taunting pin.
  • We get more "Cody"chants, and this just angers Stardust more. That anger is taken out on Goldust, who is send careening into the corner. Stardust asks "Who's your daddy" to Goldust.
  • After a long reverse waistlock, Goldust battles out and attempts a back elbow, but Stardust moves out of the way. Stardust lines up for Cross Rhodes, but Goldust wiggles out and rolls up Stardust for the win. It should be noted that the ref counted the pinfall in a strange way, with the third smack not being audible.

Goldust def Stardust

After the match, Stardust hesitantly shakes Goldust's hand and leaves.


The Seth Rollins/Jon Stewart saga is visited.

Backstage, Goldust and Dusty Rhodes are talking. Stardust comes back in. He starts beating the hell out of Goldust until Dusty gets him to stop. Stardust tells Dusty that HE killed Cody Rhodes by forcing Goldust to fight with him. Another kick to Goldust, and Stardust leaves as Dusty calls for help.


The Usos vs The Uppercats (Cesaro and Tyson Kidd) (WWE Tag Team Championship)

  • Kidd and Jey start, and Jey takes control with a big flying forearm followed by a double team backbreaker. Jimmy comes in and hits a couple good moves, including the corkscrew from the corner.
  • Cesaro tags himself in and takes Jimmy's leg out from under him. A little leg work follows until Kidd tags in and locks Jimmy into a leg lock. The Uppercats exchange tags and continue working Jimmy's leg.
  • After Cesaro does a swing with Jimmy's bad leg, Kidd tags in, delivers a leg drop, and locks in a sort-of inverted Figure Four. Eventually, Kidd is dumped from the ring. This allows for Jey and Cesaro to be tagged in. Jey gets the hot tag and works over Cesaro for a bit.
  • Jey lines up for the splash, but Cesaro is able to crotch him. He tags Kidd, then delivers the deadlift superplex. Kidd follows right up with an elbow drop, but this only gets a two count.
  • Kidd goes for the sharpshooter, but is thrown off by Jey. Jimmy tags in, and they deliver a sort-of double Samoan drop. They try for the pin, but Cesaro breaks it up.
  • We get Flying Usos from Jimmy. Jey slides out of the ring, catches Kidd as he tries for a kick, and Samoan drops him INTO the barrier.
  • Jimmy tries for the splash, but Kidd gets the knees up and rolls him up for a two count. Kidd immediately locks a sharpshooter in, but Jey superkicks Kidd. This causes Jey and Cesaro to brawl.
  • During the insanity, Jimmy gets his arm over Kidd for a pin attempt, but Kidd kicks out.
  • More brawling continues between Jey and Cesaro, and it makes its way into the ring for a moment. This ends when Cesaro is kicked from the apron.
  • During the confusion, Kidd is able to deliver a big kick to Jimmy. He then delivers the fisherman's neckbreaker for the win.

The Uppercats def The Usos to gain the WWE Tag Team Championship


Triple H makes his way to the ring. It's time for the epic confrontation. He has forgone the suit, and has opted for leather jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. His hands are also taped...he's ready for a fight.

Trips immediately apologizes to Ric Flair for shoving him down last week, but he doesn't apologize for what he said toward Sting. Trips isn't in the ring as the COO, but he is in the ring as The Game, and he wants Sting.

Sting answers Trips' call and comes to the ring.

Trips both admires and feels sorry for Sting supporting WCW until its death in 2001. However, it was people like Triple H that made WCW go down, and he feels that Sting is trying to bring Triple H and Stephanie McMahon down like WCW.

At the end of the day, failure is all Sting can do.

Triple H has an offer to Sting, and that is to give his legacy back. The proposal? Sting and Triple H do business together, and his legacy is immortalized through the WWE Network, DVDs, and merchandise. Trips will even put Sting in the Hall of Fame

It should be said that Sting is not impressed by any of this.

Annoyed, Trips takes his coat off and prepares for a fight. He says that he will beat Sting's legacy out of him, making it like he never existed. It's up to Sting now.

Trips tries to attack Sting, but Sting has the upper hand for a few moments. However, Trips hits Sting with the mic and beats the crap out of him. Trips exists the ring and gets his favorite toy: the sledgehammer.

Trips tries to swing the hammer, but Sting puts the bat to Trips' throat. Trips is forced into the corner, where he drops the hammer.

Sting points his bat to the WrestleMania sign...we know what he wants.

As Sting leaves, Trips tries to rush him from behind. Sting sees this and hits him with the bat. For good measure, Sting delivers the Scorpion Deathdrop.


Paige vs Nikki Bella (WWE Divas Championship)

  • The bell ring, and Paige immediately goes for Nikki, sending Nikki to the outside. The two get back in, and Paige goes for her knee shots, but Nikki grabs Paige's leg and sends her crashing to the floor.
  • Nikki locks Paige in a reverse chinlock. Paige tries to battle out, but Nikki delivers an Alabamaslam for a two count.
  • Nikki hosses Paige over to the corner and does some shoulder thrusts. Nikki tries to rush her, but Paige counters with a kick.
  • Paige gets momentum with some short-arm clotheslines followed by a dropkick for a two count.
  • Paige goes for the RamPaige, but Nikki battles out. Paige backs into the ropes and rebounds with her roundhouse superkick for a two count.
  • Paige places Nikki on the turnbuckle and goes for a superplex. However, Nikki is able to battle out, flip over Paige, and delivers a big powerbomb for a two count.
  • Paige ties up Nikki's legs and tries for the scorpion crosslock, but Nikki is able to fight to the ropes to break the hold.
  • Nikki hits Paige and rolls her up, using the tights for the win.

Nikki Bella def Paige


Triple H vs Sting is officially confirmed for WrestleMania


Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

  • Ambrose and BNB start brawling early, with Ambrose getting the upper hand. BNB goes to the outside to regroup.
  • BNB reenters and is immediately on the defensive again. Ambrose delivers some elbows, kicks and a grind of the wrist. This is immediately stopped when Ambrose is kicked from the top turnbuckle to the floor.
  • BNB starts to take control of Ambrose, including beating the hell out of his midsection. This gets a two count.
  • After Ambrose fights out of a chinlock, he is immediately greeted by a boot to the face, sending him outside again. BNB throws him into the ring only for Ambrose to rebound and deliver a clothesline.
  • Ambrose is on the offensive now as he delivers a tornado DDT. Ambrose gets up and delivers some good strikes and a bulldog to BNB. Ambrose tries an elbow drop, but BNB moves out of the way. There is a Winds of Change attempt, but Ambrose fights out and rolls up BNB for a two count.
  • Ambrose eventually does deliver his elbow, but it only gets a two count. He tries for Dirty Deeds, but BNB counters and delivers Wasteland, but it gets a two count.
  • BNB sets up for the Bullhammer, but Ambrose dodges it and rolls BNB up for a two count. BNB shoves Ambrose into the ropes, but Ambrose rebounds and delivers a HUGE clothesline.
  • BNB takes his title and starts to leave, but Ambrose stops him with a suicide dive. BNB reenters and leaves the ring again and tries to escape through the crowd, but Ambrose stops him again.
  • BNB wraps himself around the corner ropes, and Ambrose starts to stomp BNB. The ref eventually has enough and disqualifies Ambrose.

BNB def Dean Ambrose by DQ

After the ruling, Ambrose smack-talks BNB and delivers Dirty Deeds to him. Ambrose then steals BNB's IC Title and leaves.


The lights go out, and the druids come out. This means only one thing...


The gong sounds, Undertaker's music plays, and a casket is pushed out to ringside.

The casket opens, and Bray Wyatt rises out of it.

"There's a wicked feeling in the air tonight....can you feel it?" - Bray

Bray tells us about the first time he saw Undertaker. The eerie presence, and the cold eyes. Bray feared Taker, but now, Undertaker is mortal, weak, and broken. A shell of his former self.

Bray tells us that Taker's obsession with sympathy has made him mortal, and his soul is lost in limbo.

Bray says it's time for Undertaker to go home, and Bray's mission is clear.

Bray tells Taker that he doesn't fear him anymore. Bray Wyatt declares himself the new face of fear.

At WrestleMania, Bray will claim the soul of The Undertaker.


Rusev vs John Cena (WWE United States Championship)

  • The bell rings, and both men square off. After a few seconds, Cena delivers a huge right hand to Rusev, knocking him off his feet. Cena locks in a chinlock, but Rusev throws him over his shoulder.
  • Rusev gets Cena in a corner and starts delivering some big kicks. Cena fights out and delivers some more punches, but Rusev comes right backs and delivers a big spin kick for a two count.
  • Rusev keeps bringing the pain, running full speed into Cena, who goes into the barricade. Rusev rolls him back in and gets a two count.
  • Rusev gloats a bit, allowing Cena to recover and deliver a dropkick. Rusev responds with a dropkick of his own.
  • Cena takes down Rusev and delivers a couple punches. Cena goes for his diving shoulders, but Rusev catches him and delivers a fall-away slam.
  • As Rusev does more gloating, Cena gets on his feet and starts delivering more strikes. Rusev counters a running elbow attempts into a modified sleeper hold of-sorts. Cena breaks this and delivers a suplex.
  • Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but Rusev is able to power out and delivers a beautiful DDT to Cena for a two count.
  • Cena is forced into a corner where he eats a few running clotheslines. Rusev gets a two count from these, and he is starting to get frustrated.
  • Cena delivers his usual moves and attempts the AA, but Rusev powers back out and delivers DAT KICK for a two count.
  • Rusev tries for The Accolade, but Cena grabs the leg and tries for the STF, but Rusev powers out of that and delivers a sidewalk slam for yet another two count.
  • Out of NOWHERE, Cena delivers a huge tornado DDT, giving him a two count on Rusev. After this, the two men trade strikes. Cena tries for ANOTHER AA, but Rusev powers out. Rusev tries another sidewalk slam, but Cena counters into a crossface. After a little bit, Rusev breaks the crossface and delivers an Alabamaslam.
  • Rusev stars setting Cena up for The Accolade. As Rusev tries for the stomp to the back, Cena catches Rusev and locks in the STF, but Rusev is able to get to the ropes.
  • Cena tries for another AA, but Rusev battles out again and delivers some big kicks. Rusev goes for DAT KICK, but Cena dodges and delivers an AA for a two count. This is a great match
  • Cena goes for his top rope leg drop, but Rusev counters into a big powerbomb. Rusev then counters into The Accolade. Cena repeatedly tries to break the hold, and eventually gets to his feet. At this time, Lana enters the ring and distracts the ref, allowing Rusev to deliver a huge low blow to Cena.
  • Rusev locks in The Accolade again, forcing Cena to pass out. The ref calls for the bell.

Rusev def John Cena


Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

  • The match starts, and these two square off and exchange some words. Bryan uses his speed to throw Reigns off his game. Bryan locks in a side headlock, and Reigns delivers some body shots to weaken the hold so he can power out.
  • Bryan gets Reigns on the ground and tries to lock in a surfboard, but Reigns powers out of the hold, surprising Bryan.
  • Bryan starts delivering come kick, but is thrown into the corner, where Reigns starts stomping him a bit. Bryan is whipped into the opposite corner and does his backflip spot. Before Bryan can get his rally in, Reigns delivers a huge tilt-a-whirl slam. Bryan is then tossed outside.
  • Once back in the ring, Bryan takes control and starts working over Reigns' leg, eventually locking in an Indian Deathlock. Reigns is able to punch out of the hold by delivering some HUGE punches.
  • Reigns goes for a suplex, but Bryan battles out and goes for some kicks. Reigns is able to counter and ground Bryan again.
  • As Reigns goes after Bryan (who's in a corner), Bryan trips Reigns into the second turnbuckle. Bryan goes to the other corner to try a dropkick, but Reigns decapitates Bryan with a massive clothesline.
  • Reigns delivers three consecutive wrist-clutch German suplexes, sending Bryan onto the bottom rope. Reigns goes outside and delivers the apron dropkick. Reigns then loads up the Superman Punch, but Bryan counters with a kick to the midsection. Reigns sells an injury after this.
  • After a few moments, Bryan starts aiming toward that injured midsection with some big kicks. After another ref consultation, Bryan starts delivering dropkicks and more midsection kicks. He puts Reigns on the top rope and tries for the Bryansteiner, but Reigns counters with a massive powerbomb for a 2 count.
  • After the powerbomb, Reigns starts working over Bryan's neck with some clotheslines. He puts Bryan on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but Bryan escapes and crotches Reigns. Bryan climbs and delivers a huge back suplex for a two count.
  • Bryan locks in the Yes Lock, but Reigns is able to get to the ropes. Reigns then escapes to the outside where he falls victim to a couple suicide dives. As Bryan goes for a third dive, Reigns catches him and delivers a belly-to-belly. Reigns tries to spear him on the outside, but Bryan dodges, causing Reigns to spear the steps.
  • After barely making it back in the ring, Bryan climbs up to deliver the flying headbutt, but Reigns counters with the Superman Punch for a two count. Reigns doesn't know what to do.
  • Reigns lines up for the spear, but Bryan counters into a rollup followed by a kick. Bryan then hits Reigns with the running knee, but it only gets a two count.
  • In disbelief, Bryan starts delivering the chest kicks to Reigns. As he goes for the headkick, Reigns grabs Bryan's leg. Bryan starts slapping him until Roman flips him over. Bryan holds on and tries to lock in an armbar, but it turns into a Yes Lock.
  • Reigns breaks the hold and starts delivering some massive strikes to a grounded Bryan. Bryan counters into a triangle choke, but Reigns counters this into a huge powerbomb. After a count, both men exchange strikes while in a seated position. Bryan eventually gets up and delivers the head kick.
  • Bryan lines up for the knee again, but eats a massive spear from Reigns for the win.

Roman Reigns def Daniel Bryan

After the bell, Bryan barely makes it to his feet, and the two have a staredown.

"You BETTER kick...Lesnar's ...ass!" - Daniel Bryan

Reigns and Bryan shake hands

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