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When Wrestling Gives You Richard Sherman Face


It's the face that launched a million memes, and it began with a questionable play call.

An explanation for the non-football literate: with thirty seconds remaining in Super Bowl XLIX (or IL, if you will), the Seattle Seahawks (the team with the blue uniforms with gray lettering and green trim) are a yard (probably less than that, really) away from the end zone. They're down four points, and since touchdowns are worth six, had they scored, they probably were gonna win the game. Probably common football sense would have dictated giving the football to all-universe running back/Skittles aficionado/modern philosopher Marshawn Lynch. Instead, this happened.

(gif via

Why, yes. That is Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson throwing the ball. And yes, that is Malcolm Butler, who does not play for the Seahawks as you can see by his differently colored uniform, catching the ball. That's an interception, and with 20 seconds left, the hay is in the barn. That's your ball game, drive home safely. Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX.

What followed perhaps was the defining picture of Super Bowl XILX. Not Katy Perry on a lion or Katy Perry on a comet. This:

(pic via

Why, yes, that is Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman that can't believe what just happened. Whatever team you were rooting for, that probably was the look on your face, even for a moment, when that pass was picked off. You couldn't believe that just happened. It's so incredulous, that's the only way you can react in the moment.

Needless to say, professional wrestling over the years has given many of us Richard Sherman face. A few examples (as farmed out by Cagesiders and my Twitter followers):

  • Last week's Royal Rumble, especially when Daniel Bryan went out.
  • Hell, pretty much anything in WWE in the last six months for that matter.
  • Last year's Royal Rumble.
  • Any time Jerry Lawler opens his mouth.
  • Every day that Kevin Dunn is still employed.
  • When Hogan revealed that he was the third man.
  • When Austin shook McMahon's hand at the end of Wrestlemania X-Seven.
  • When the streak ended, or if you prefer, when Paul Heyman's client Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.
  • Wyatt Photoshop Odyssey.
  • Demon Wyatt singing cage boy.
  • The entire Bella vs. Bella feud, including (but not limited to) Growing Up Bella, Hell in a Cell, Bellas with Jerry Springer, and the Megan Miller fiasco.
  • When Triple H beat Booker T at Wrestlemania XIX.
  • When Hornswoggle won the cruiserweight title.

There are many, many examples of wrestling giving us Richard Sherman face. What moment gave you that face? Let's hear it, Cagesiders!

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