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NXT Champion Kevin Owens responds to criticisms of his build

No matter how successful Kevin Owens has been or continues to become, there will be criticisms. That's true in all public endeavors but his are far more singular. In the professional wrestling world shaped by Vince McMahon, shape matters.

Owens certainly has a shape, but not necessarily the one McMahon tends to agree with. He is, after all, still a "meathead" at 69-years-old.

Owens was asked about criticism that's been thrown his way in a recent interview with and had this to say:

"I guess it was the exact kind of criticism you would expect for someone like me trying to make it in an industry where aesthetic appearance is so important. I've been told I wasn't in good enough shape and that I looked too bland. I also had people tell me I was too hard-headed and didn't play by the "rules" enough. All I can say about that is I am who I am. I've done pretty well for myself so far so I must be doing something right. Am I willing to change some things in order to improve and get even further? Of course. Am I willing to listen and learn from anybody willing to teach me? Absolutely. But I really believe I can do those things while still being genuine and true to myself."

Owens was much heavier when he was working the independent scene as Kevin Steen but got himself into great shape for his debut in NXT. That debut came just two months ago and he's already NXT champion, having defeated Sami Zayn at the Takeover: Rival special on the WWE Network just last week.

If anyone within WWE has reservations about his potential due to his body, it hasn't been made obvious.


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