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Smarks have some good news for Seth Rollins after what had to be a rough week

Everybody who comes to Cageside Seats has an opinion about what's going on in pro wrestling - The Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) are where YOU let us know YOURS.

Cast a vote in the comments. Give us the four performers you think entertained or impressed the most in the last week, and feel free to talk about why. And/or vote for your top performer in our poll.

We also have the outcome of last week's voting, the results of which make up our annual competition for Performer of the Year.

Remember, the Standings are for the previous week's nationally televised and internet streaming pro wrestling shows -  the February 9th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Lucha Underground & WWE NXT TakeOver: Rival from Wednesday the 11th, Thursday's free web release of ROH TV and WWE SmackDown on SyFy, and the TNA Impact Wrestling that aired on Friday, February 13th.

Make YOUR mark, smarks!


And now, a selfie of last week's winner...

You were expecting something else?

  • It was neck-and-neck between Mr. Money in the Bank and The Beard all through the voting.  Sometimes, even when you lose, you win.
  • NXT's international dream match drew high praise from Smarks around the world, as both former tag partners finished in the top five.
  • The Swiss member of the Brass Ring Club placed higher than his Fact dropping friend for the first time in a long time.  I guess being the guy who crashes the double date and beats up one half of one of the couples is a surefire way to win your devotion.
  • Guys with tag team history made up a lot of last week's ten: the more heel-ish (and he would say "Awesome") half of some former tag champs got in instead of his personal assistant, and the hoss part of the newest team on the scene proved more pop-YAH-lar.
  • The Lunatic Fringe has settled into a Cesaro-esque spot where he gets a fair amount of support every week regardless of what he's doing.  His old feud-mate, The Eater of Worlds, however, is clearly more appealing with something to do.

The S3: 2014-15, Week 44

1. Seth Rollins
2. Daniel Bryan

3. Finn Bálor
4. Cesaro
5. Hideo Itami

6. The Miz
7. Bray Wyatt

8. Dean Ambrose
9. Tyson Kidd
10. Konnor

Points in our weekly Standings determine our annual list - full details on rules and scoring HERE.

The song remains the same, with only the Fact Man's steady rise and the stalling of Dolph Ziggler since dropping the IC belt providing much intrigue right now.

The S3 Performer of the Year - through the Week Ending February 7

1. Seth Rollins - 261 points
2. Dean Ambrose - 246.5

3. Cesaro - 133.25

4. Dolph Ziggler - 113.33

5. Tyson Kidd - 112.5
6. Paul Heyman - 107.5

7. Damien Sandow - 78.5

8. Paige - 77

9. Bobby Roode - 74.83

10. Bo Dallas - 66.5


Reacquaint yourself with the wacky world of pro wrestling in our setions/the websites for RawImpactLucha UndergoundNXTSmackdownROH...and don't forget New Japan this week, either...then Vote!

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