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Sami Zayn explains why an NXT championship match may not work at WrestleMania

Now that NXT has become arguably the most entertaining pro wrestling promotion in the world, fans of the WWE developmental program are starting to think bigger. A lot bigger. Like, maybe there should be match at WrestleMania for the NXT championship.

Except the guy who just lost that title to Kevin Owens at the Takeover: Rival event, Sami Zayn, doesn't really think that would work.

He explains to the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show:

"Part of NXT's appeal to me especially amongst people like yourself, like you're saying lifelong wrestling fans who are sort of like discovering NXT and being like 'Wait, this is the kind of wrestling I used to like' or 'I like this.' It's succinct. It's an hour-long, you've got some great wrestlers, and you've got great storytelling, and it's simple and it's gritty.

"While at the same time, it's so funny people forget it's PG, it's a PG product, but it's so real and gritty and people almost lose sight of that. The whole point I'm trying to get at is, it's sort of carved out its own little niche within this giant wrestling company that is the WWE. We've almost carved out our own underground following, it almost has a cult following, which is so strange to say because it's part of the world's biggest wrestling company.

"So, I think if you were to have an NXT World Championship Match at WrestleMania while obviously for me personally I would be a huge thrill, I don't think you can necessarily capture the magic of what NXT is and really harness it and put it on full display for the world to understand it, on such a grand scale like that."


"When you take the product out of its environment and throw it on a grand stage I think it would lose something there."

He makes a good point. Acts like Bo Dallas and Adam Rose, which played so well at Full Sail in Orlando, have struggled in front of larger crowds on the road. That said, Dallas and Rose are not Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who had a match that looked a lot like Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena from the SummerSlam main event last year.

Even if some of the charm is lost, these fellas deserve a bigger stage.


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