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Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler's two week saga coulda been betta

Bray has been booked strong and that's a good thing, but WWE is killing someone else when they don't have to, and that's baffling. The solution was easy, especially last night.


This isn't some kind of wild idea. I'm sure many of you had very similar thoughts as you were watching RAW on Monday night, maybe even had them last week during round one, but it's "original to me, dammit."

Bray Wyatt is presumably being groomed to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania. If he isn't, boy is it going to be a letdown when he's giving Kane the worst Sister Abigail of all-time.

The promos have been directed at the Dead Man and the push dating all the way back to the beginning of the Dean Ambrose program has been a rehabilitation of sorts for Bray's credibility as a dominant wrestler. Let's face it, the guy wasn't seen as a monster after the John Cena program and honestly, the Ambrose feud was anything but a home run. That mediocrity had nothing to do with either of them. We then flash forward to January's Royal Rumble match where Bray Wyatt had plenty of time to shine early, stayed in for a long time, and came out looking good. All of this makes complete sense.

Then, last week on RAW, he popped up from a Famouser to give Dolph Ziggler a beautiful Sister Abigail for a clean three count. Last night, he pinned Dolph again, also with a Sister Abigail after an awesome floor lariat and a crab walk. So, Bray Wyatt's in good shape from a character standpoint.

My question, echoed by many, is why exactly it's Ziggler that's being used as the pawn to Bray's bishop. I can't call him anything higher than a bishop because his last name is Wyatt and not, well, you can finish that sentence. But he can go straight buck wild diagonally.

Back in November, coming into and out of the Survivor Series, Dolph seemed on the precipice of the main event, and, even after being "fired" and subsequently "rehired" courtesy of Sting's second appearance, he had a plethora of momentum. Incidentally, I continue to hope that Sting's two appearances were because he was a super-mark for Dolph and just wanted to make sure the Show Off would continue performing on television. During that time, Ziggler was on a roll, with or without the Intercontinental Championship.

He's now lost two weeks in a row after being in the Rumble for less than three minutes. He has no angle. He has no title. He's got nothing except a tertiary relationship to main event fan favorites. All of these facts beg one succinct question: Why?

The answer seems sadly obvious. He wasn't pushed naturally. Dolph Ziggler was pushed because Roman Reigns got hurt, because Daniel Bryan was out, and they needed another hot babyface on Team Cena and needed that guy to help them through December and early January. But, because he had momentum, the decision to all of a sudden cancel out his push or certainly lessen it to an infinitesimal level is stunningly short-sighted. He's over. People dug him. Why kill that? Why not have Bray take out some other guys? Honestly, it could be almost anybody else other than Ambrose on the upper mid-card and it would be just fine right now. The match quality doesn't matter when the result is harmful or egregious. Look back to the finish of Rollins-Ambrose Hell in a Cell or Wyatt-Ambrose TLC for evidence to back up that assertion. I enjoyed both Ziggler-Wyatt matches, but although last week's finish was okay, tonight it just felt unnecessary.

So to make it better, you just don't put Wyatt over Ziggler clean again after doing it last week. You do put Bray over strong, but you do it at the expense of someone else. I'm happy for clean finishes on RAW, but, and it isn't an IWC or a smark thing, it's just basic logic, I don't see a ton of value in the conclusion to the rematch. Why potentially harm something so viciously that's working so well? Ziggler is now the babyface Alberto Del Rio. Break in case of emergency or put him in to have a good match, in Dolph's case an excellent match, with just about anybody and let him help the other guy. He's a job guy to the main event. He's Kane sans Dockers. I realize Dolph played a role in the close of the show and did a neat little dive off the ramp. I also realize that I didn't really care about that finish, at least until the expected spear, and if Erick Rowan is with you during a run-in, it's probably a pretty crappy run-in. How am I possibly supposed to care about these men?

Also, there's the issue of Bray carrying a limp and incapacitated Dolph Ziggler around after the win and him being good to go 90 minutes later, but at this point, looking for continuity on WWE television just makes my head hurt.

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