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Alberto Del Rio says WWE was willing to let him drop AAA Mega Championship

Once we got over Alberto Del Rio's shocking return to WWE after a controversial exit - and the fact that he pinned John Cena clean to win the United States title at Hell in a Cell - speculation turned to what would happen with his commitments to other promotions.

He returned to Puerto Rico this past weekend to settle up with WWC. But for another - and one where he holds their top prize, the Mega Championship of Mexico's AAA - the situation didn't look as rosy. Despite some initial well-wishes from management, AAA Executive Vice-President Dorian Roldan later said that WWE had forbid Del Rio to return to his home country to drop the belt.

In some quotes from his first Mexican interview Del Rio since returning to WWE (via PWInsider's Kris Zellner), Alberto says some things that will only deepen the divide between himself and AAA.

WWE was willing to let him return to drip the title, he says, citing the original December 4 date of AAA's Guerra de Titanes event as when he would return and lose. That show was delayed - at least partially because of Del Rio's absence, according to company officials - and at that point, WWE rescinded their offer. Alberto goes on to say it was AAA's "disorganization" that lead to the title being vacated, and that it is "shameful" he couldn't return to Mexico to gracefully transition the belt.

ADR did work the December 5 show for Puerto Rico's WWC, which could be seen as evidence that WWE was going to give him this weekend to close out his old commitments. But we'll likely never know for sure.

Looks like we have another pro wrestling "he said, he said".

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