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Cageside Live! Two-man Fatal 4Way Elimination edition (WWE Raw from Dec. 7, 2015)

We were ahead of the curve last week when we formed a stable with Cain A. Knight, but like New Day's alliance with League of Nations, we're just gonna forget all that and get back to the two-man power trip for our discussion of the last WWE Raw before this Sunday's TLC pay-per-view (PPV).

There were whispers of big changes to the show, and in the end its hard to tell if it was supposed to be different or not. We'll re-enact it on today's show to find out. Tune in to hear Sean interrupt a long opening promo from Geno, and the resulting wrestling match with a stipulation that doesn't make any sense based on the number of participants.

Or, you know, we'll just complain, crack jokes, watch my cats act the fool...the usual.

Give it a watch. We might even get to some of your questions from the comments below & Twitter when the show starts at 1PM Eastern.

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