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Jim Ross is not dead, but he is pissed

In one of the stupider, more callously hurtful stories of late, someone or ones hacked WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross' Twitter account  during the weekend to break the "news" of his death.

His account was shutdown shortly thereafter and Ross got the word out that he was alive and well, but not before many fans and loved ones across the globe got a nasty shock.

JR's account is still suspended as of this writing, but the Oklahoman took to his blog this morning to provide an update, some more details and to share his completely justified anger over the situation:

Someone hacked my twitter account @JRsBBQ early Sunday morning and then let the world know that I was dead. Well, I'm not but I am pissed and this matter isn't over but we do hope to have our account back up and running today thanks to the efforts of the folks at @Twitter. Karma is a crazy thing and somewhere down the road whoever did this and facilitated an emotional day for my family and friends will have to answer to their misdeeds.

Thank goodness this is just a bit of internet crime, and that everyone's favorite announcer is alive and well. And ditto on JR's believe that karma will come around on the perpetrator.

Maybe even Kharma herself could pay them a visit?

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