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Report: Changes coming to WWE Raw, possibly in response to results of NXT survey

Last week, Geno brought us news of surveys WWE sent to its "Fan Council".

These are fairly common, both for WWE and sports/entertainment entities in general (though I am not on the E's mailing list, I am part of a similar group for Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, who send me about a survey a week on average). What was interesting about last week's was that there were two of them, and the second asked respondents to compare the main roster's flagship show, Raw, with the Network's show based out of the Performance Center, NXT.

Adding to the intrigue are some comments Dave Meltzer made on today's Wrestling Observer Radio. He's hearing that there are significant changes coming to Raw - and that those will start tonight. Although Meltzer admits that his sources are short on details, speculation is focused on the results of the NXT survey.

Working from the premise that the feedback WWE got from fans is that NXT is a more satisfying viewing experience (otherwise, why would they make changes in reaction to the results?) I'm wondering what a such a show would look like?

The goodwill and almost cult-like following NXT has created over the past two or three years is not something that happened as a result of one specific thing. Though there have been some epic promos, great matches and stellar feuds, I don't see where trying to recreate any one or even all of those things on one three-hour episode of Raw is going to send viewers into a frenzy the way a TakeOver does for the internet wrestling community (IWC).

This past Wednesday's episode of NXT consisted of key players for the next live show winning matches over enhancement talent. It worked because the audience knows that it's contributing and leading to something more satisfying. Viewers know that entertaining-but-slight promos are part of a bigger they trust they'll get to see all of in the coming weeks and months.

Were Raw to roll out similar content with none of the investment or the goodwill that's bought, I expect we'd react much the same way as we have to the last couple of weeks worth of shows.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Will we see Vince McMahon try to make the show he books look more like his son-in-law's baby? What would that even mean? And would seeing signs of it convince you to commit to the main roster the way NXT devotees swear by that brand?

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