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The REC Awards: November 29 - December 5, 2015

Last week was a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad week for WWE programming (save for NXT). Before we completely bleach it from our memories, let us delve into the good parts of the past seven days when we Recognize Excellence in Cagesiders.



Your Weekly Dose of Satire: Sheamus cash-in, Brad Maddox firing, WrestleMania, more! - NothingIsForSure

John Cena is the biggest heel in WWE - iamnotacola

Steve Austin and Wade Keller Miss the Forest for the Trees on Breaking Kayfabe in WWE - JReynold

Meanwhile at the League of Nations - BryanDanielson'sBeard

Assumed transcript of Raw's main event booking meeting AND Updated Updated List of Things Banned at WWE Shows - ctre6

Why Bray Wyatt isn't a true villain (and how to make him one by WrestleMania) - TheGuiltyPleasuresPodcast

The Sad Truth: The only heel in WWE is the man behind the curtain - Drew Nicholas



First, to cheer up a depressing Rumor Roundup, TotalScrub posts a pic of goodness. Responses follow.

RobertONeill31 reacts to two F graded Raws in a row. Non-sawft responses follow

NeonSpaceman! reacts to "The Family." Mr.JLR has something to remind us of. Nightslayer Dan, Anotherfakewrestlingaccount, and others respond

Brigade17 reacts to an unfortunate rumor with a great GIF. The insanity follows


Carroll Kingsley reacts to Dean Ambrose's emoticon shirt. Face Off responds:

YodaMcMahon finds a funny quote from Steve Austin discussing Finn Balor:

shaqustewart93 reacts to a certain something being banned from WWE events. Otis C. responds:

Ravie30 questions the exclusion of a certain someone from the emoticon shirts. JimmyV723 obliges:

Brigade17 reacts to Mick Foley's remarks about Sasha Banks:

A bringer of bad news has a question about Dewey Foley being hired onto WWE Creative. backstage responds:

TheManCalledBender reacts to Kevin Owens being awesome:

The Notorious Eddie Mac reacts to the League of Nations debut. jozymozy responds:

SomePunkKidd reacts to Becky Lynch's podcast quote. Quevven responds with a sad truth:

Beige Lunatics puns:

NothingIsForSure has a problem with Brad Maddox's new ring name:

Jomosensual has a hope. AlteredArtisan responds:

Vidence reacts to this week's NXT. kmtierney responds:

Jenzel Washington had himself an interesting night recently:

Jomosensual figures out how Kevin Owens and his son got sick:

Beige Lunatics responds to Owen Owens. HeelTurnHulse responds:

Cactus Love reacts to a rumored women's match for TLC. TD70 responds:

The Canadian Cynic notes something excluded from a WWE survey. M. GOMEZ responds:

QJO75 does their own survey:

Huglife reviews the survey:

Huglife also has a VERY good question. crosschicken facewing responds:

ThingsandStuff breaks the survey down a bit:

Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug has an idea to improve Raw:

Brigade17 rages:

TheMozgovCocktail reacts to Raw:

TotalScrub reacts to a rumor. Zentrification responds:

Gajeel reacts to a rumor. Suplexy responses follow:

Chi-Guy847 gushes about a rumor. suiko and Zentrification respond:

Punk is Dead also gushes:

Zentrification reacts to The Family. Brigade17 and Kane's...Mug respond:

suiko spells:

Kane's...Mug has an idea for The Family:

random_fan makes a good point:

kmtierney rages:

TheMozgovCocktail disapproves:

suiko puns. Face Off, CarrollNT, and MikeThePatsFan respond:

Gajeel wishes something well:

Huglife finds a quote from Raw. Loco Los and AntonSirius respond:

shaqustewart93 reacts to a rumor. Hempy3:16 responds with truth:

TotalScrub has plans:

suiko has an idea:

FreelancePolice, D.E.O., and others cock about:

Decepticon : LockDown disagrees about the winner of a Twitter fight. Veena disagrees:

Dean's Ham Bros dis-disagrees:

TheDunktownExpress and SelasDray react to a SmackDown spoiler:

Excellent Eddie and kmtierney also react:

JakeMHS and leuchtmann80 react to a Twitter destruction:

Brigade17 has an omen:

Kilam Noxid has a thought about Takeover: London. Sean Rueter and Sal "Lupo" Cusmano respond:

jerrycakes responds to a title poll:

The Legend of Jordan Hicks and AntonSirius have a legitimate worry:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns compares (there were a bunch of these):

And finally, mreedesq establishes our retaining champion:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next week for more hilarity and common sense.

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