Please be wary of unconfirmed reports regarding the passing of others

Theres an unconfirmed report going around the internet today claiming that Jim Ross has passed away. I would recommend that before people take this report as fact we wait for any conformation one way or the other to what looks like an early morning hack on his account.

1) The address of the website delivering the news is a newly registered Blogspot account

2) The linked Twitter account inside of there doesn't have any apparent connections to JR.

For a family post it comes off as pretty untrustworthy with very few details. They've promised more information will be forthcoming, but given that no other personality has made mention of this yet just be wary and hopeful that JR will refute them himself in the next couple of hours.

Don't freak out just yet, Cagesiders

Update: Obviously it's a hoax as we suspected. May the Reigns of a thousand Superman Punches land on their skull.

Also, Leeds United sucks.

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