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Hype Bros working main roster house shows this weekend, working on their odd couple act

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As we track the comings and goings of WWE developmental (my ass) talent on a slow news morning, it seems Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley - the Hype Bros - will be working main roster house shows in the Southeastern United States this weekend.

It both is and isn't a surpising move. Keeping in mind that being on live event cards doesn't equate to a call-up, Ryder is an established act for Raw and SmackDown audiences. His tag partner is someone WWE officials have been high on since they signed him, and who has a ready-made public relations story due to his collegiate athletics background and friendship with the Gronkowski family (most importantly the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots' all-world tight end Rob).

So, they'd be useful as crowd-pleasing warm-up act or recognizable enhancement talent. But Ryder star is far from its 2012 peak, and Mojo hasn't exactly lived up to the "hype" he talks about and that higher-ups saw in him when he was getting a solo push in NXT last year.

While we wait and see how it works out for them this weekend, we can at least enjoy their schtick. They may both be "bros", but their interaction is characterized by Rawley's youthful, high-energy drive to always go-go-go and Iced Z's too-old-for-this/rather-be-watching-Star-Wars response to that.

And maybe it's because I'm a middle aged guy whose go-go-go days are in the rear view and would rather be on my couch than in the club, but it cracks me up every time.

Here are some recent examples from Twitter, where they used bits to publicize their house show run this weekend. First, Ryder playfully suggesting this will be the "only time" he travels with Mojo:

Then, Rawley laying out his plans for the trip, with a deadpan comeback from his partner:

What do you think, gang? Do I only like this because it reminds me of when my twenty-something brother-in-law stays at our house?

And is there a future for Hype Bros outside of Full Sail Live?

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