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Bayley pens a letter to 2015 with a special shout out for Sasha Banks

One of the coolest things about 2015 in pro wrestling was the rise of the four horsewomen of NXT, a story that crested with the amazing feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley for that brand's top prize.

With a showstealing, should-have-gone-on-last performance at TakeOver: Brooklyn and a history making follow-up as the true main event of TakeOver: Respect, Bayles and The Boss opened a lot of eyes and gave supporters of women's wrestling a moment of catharsis...something they could point to and say, "see, that will get over anywhere".

A very cool wrinkle to their feud and story came when letters the pair had written as children to their future selves started getting publicity. For both the heel and babyface, essays written as young girls provided a human interest element and a means for fans to vicariously experience dreams coming true for Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado (Banks) and Pamela Rose Martinez (Bayley).

So, there's a precedent for the current NXT Women's champ to write letters to somewhat abstract constructs. And the Hugster was at it again on Twitter this New Year's Eve day...

As usual, Bayley's shoot personality and worked character merge seamlessly here, and you can see why she's destined for big things as a top babyface (if WWE doesn't screw her up on the main roster).

In giving a big closing call out to Sasha, this also provides a nice closing not to an epic year for women in the biggest pro wrestling company the world's ever seen.

Let's hope the champ is right, and 2016 makes the year gone by seem like just the beginning.

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