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Dana White is looking for opponents for CM Punk's UFC debut right now

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

UFC President Dana White was a guest on Off the Record with Michael Landsberg recently and during the course of the interview he was asked about CM Punk fighting inside the Octagon, and more specifically if he thought it would take an entire year after his signing to do it:

"I didn't know (if he would fight in the first year). It's the first time this guy has ever trained to fight. The guy has never wrestled. He's professional wrestled but he's never wrestled. He will fight next year, 100-percent."

As for who he may be matched up against, the search is now on:

"I just started a new show, the pilot is on YouTube, it's called 'Dana White Looking for a Fight,' and I'm actually out looking for opponents for CM Punk right now."

UFC has filmed quite a bit of footage of Punk in various capacities, and the expectation is his debut will be treated like the major event it will almost certainly be. The countdown is on.

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