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WWE updates list of banned items at live events

In the interest of increased security, WWE is moving more in line with the precautions that sports leagues like the NFL are currently taking.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In recent months, WWE has seen an increase on fans trying to become part of the action and have also been made aware of the severity of larger, big-picture public threats. They've been taking steps to make sure security is as tight as possible for the safety of fans and performers alike.

The latest step in WWE's heightened security is an updated list on items that are banned from their live events. Arenas like the Freedom Hall Civic Center in Johnson City, Tenn. have begun posting the full list of banned items on their websites.

The current list of banned items:

Bags and briefcases
Women's purses (small clutch bags are allowed)
Video cameras or recording devices
Laser pointers or noise makers
Weapons of any kind
Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or paraphernalia
Selfie sticks
Laptop computers or tablets
Luggage of any kind
Camera bags
Masks (only WWE brand masks will be permitted)

Fans wishing to carry items into the venues will be asked to place all items in a clear bag or Ziploc bag and return larger bags to their vehicles. This new "no bags" policy is directly in line with the current NFL stadium policy.

Presumably, if WWE begins offering Tyler Breeze selfie sticks, you'll be allowed to hang onto anything you actually buy inside the arena once you pass through security.

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