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Report: Destination America to change name, focus on paranormal after TNA

Impact Wrestling

We knew that Discovery Networks weren't pleased with the foray into pro wrestling they took via thier Destination America cable channel.

But we didn't know that airing TNA Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor's ROH TV would be such a traumatic experience that it resulted in an overhaul of the whole network.

There were already executive changes at Destination America before wrestling officially exited its schedule (ROH to CometTNA to POP), and according to today's Wrestling Observer (subscription required but recommended) those were only the start.

After Impact is done on the channel, Destination America will change its name and begin focusing more on ghost hunting and exorcisms. Paranormal-themed programming will run five nights a week starting next month, eventually transitioning to all week long by September 2016.

No word yet on the new name.

As for the old one, we can now add a whole network to the list of things TNA has ended.

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