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Here's Joey Ryan using his genitals to flip a guy

Ah, Japan. Weird, wonderful (when it's not being creepy and misogynistic) Japan.

Joey Ryan, of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla fame and TNA infamy, shares this video from a recent match in Japan's Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) promotion. It either needs no explanation, or a ton of it.

I'll just provide a little context.

DDT is part parody of Western sports entertainment (and more 1980s WWF than the Bullet Club's parody of the nWo) and part Chikara-esque embracing of comedy. The man who is being front flipped by Ryan's junk in this clip is one of their biggest acts, Danshoku Dino, an aggressive homosexual character whose finisher is a piledriver with his opponent's head stuffed down his trunks and whose signature moves include the Shining Dick and the Cock Bottom.

Joey Ryan is a pimp with a really strong penis.

Actually, that's all you need to know.


Or I'm sorry.

You decide.

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