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The worst injury John Cena ever sustained was when you hurt his feelings, and more gems from Mike O'Brien's interview of the WWE Superstar

Comedian Mike O'Brien is carrying on the fine tradition of sending up talk shows with his 7 Minutes in Heaven web series. The former SNL writer invites a celebrity into his "closet" for a interview featuring questions designed for funny answers and then closes by trying to kiss them, a la the pre-teen party game where you and a potential love interest are locked in a small space while your friends laugh about the hanky-panky in which you may or may not be engaged.

For his first new video in nearly three years, O'Brien welcomes WWE Superstar and Sisters actor John Cena. The resulting four or so minutes is pretty choice, and will probably lead to a few images and jokes you'll be hearing around the internet wrestling community for years to come.

My personal favorites are Cena's vocabulary overreach where he confesses to a criminal youth where he engaged in "habberdashery" and the hurt feelings bit that gives this post its title. O'Brien's claim that Cena either needs to smack down or get raw to "win the wrestle" is also laugh out loud funny. As are some of the culture snobs in the YouTube comments complaining about his lowering himself to work with a sports entertainer.

Enjoy...and please consider John Cena's feelings the next time you yell "hey man, we hate you, bro".

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