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If Daniel Bryan is done wrestling for WWE, Jeff Jarrett has a home for him

Still no news on Daniel Bryan's status for an in-ring return to WWE. The Beard says he's good to go and has doctors to back him up. Vince McMahon and his medical team aren't convinced.

Bryan has said a couple of times now that he will wrestle again, even if its not in a WWE ring. While a lot of internet fans hope that means places like Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, there's another promoter out there who's trying to get his brand on television who would like to make a play for DB's services.

Jeff Jarrett spoke to The World According to Wrestling podcast last week and unequivocally said he'd make a play for Bryan's services if he became available:

He's a fantastic talent, it goes without saying. Bryan Danielson connected with that audience. The Yes chants took over. He's a phenomenal in ring performer. Who wouldn't? If you were running a wrestling promotion who wouldn't want to work with that guy?

It really is a no brainer for Double J. His Global Force Wrestling (GFW) show has several episodes of television in the can with nowhere to broadcast them. The high point of their existence was a program on TNA's Impact that failed to really move the needle with folks who weren't already TNA and/or Jeff Jarrett fans. GFW has already lost a champion to Lucha Underground, probably because the couldn't offer PJ Black/Justin Gabriel TV exposure.

Would this be something that might happen? Does Jarrett have the money or the (sorry) stroke to convince Daniel Bryan to join him rather than a more established player? Do you really think the YES man would leave WWE?

Let us know in the comments below. And check out the full World According to Wrestling interview with Jeff, whose life in the business makes for an interesting chat with host Dan Higgins on topics like women's wrestling, a racial 'glass ceiling' and more.

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