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The REC Awards: December 20 - 26, 2015

Well, after the last edition of the REC Awards (which followed an amazing week of WWE programming), we were back to business as usual. Oh well, at least we can still Recognize some Excellence in Cagesiders.



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First, people talk about Stephanie McMahon whooping the tar out of Tom Phillips


hitmen99, luchagato, and JimmyV723 react to Nikki Bella sleeping with a doll:

Brigade17 and Zentrification react to Bryon Saxton flying with Kevin Owens:

crosschicken facewing has a Christmas story:

I give the reason why Paige and Kevin Owens were sad following Raw:

Vidence figures it out:

GooseyGooseAndTheGooseBunch, Veena, and others praise Kneesus:

Christopher Novak rants:

People react to the rumor of Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania:

JakeMHS has a hope:

Whitesox3035 has a question, and Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug answers:

Kane's...Mug reacts to a beatdown, and VTHokie2007 responds:

People react to Sin Cara being himself:

Chocolate Midget and ReverendKain sum up the reactions to Jack Swagger defeating Rusev:

MagnaCarterGT and J. Oliver discuss WWE and their insurance situation:

And finally, Zentrification praises Geno:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Look out for the year-end RECs, which will be coming up on (hopefully) 12/31!

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