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Cageside Live! The 'How the Shammys stole Christmas' edition (Dec. 21, 2015 WWE Raw review)

How could WWE top an amazing week of programming? They couldn't.

Did they keep pace to ensure Roman Reigns' title run didn't lose any momentum? Ehhh...

In three hours, the company tried to put on their version of an awards show and a wrestling show at the same effort that may have kept them from doing a good job of either. It does give me and Geno plenty to talk about, though!

Why do many internet fans both insist that they don't care about the Slammys and get worked up about the results? Why bother getting upset when you can't do it as well as Kevin Owens and Big E? Which of last night's winners surprised us the most? Will any of the results play a role in storylines going forward? Why was no one in Minnesota to collect their trophies? Did last night's absences cause us to lament the next few weeks, or give us hope for the future when most of the non-injury folks return?

Tune in and find out, or we'll beat you like Stephanie McMahon did Tom Phillips.

As an added incentive, we might even get to some of your questions from the comments below & Twitter when the show starts at a special, holiday edition time of 12PM Eastern.

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