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The REC Awards: December 13 - 19, 2015

Well well well, last week was an absolutely awesome week for WWE programming. TLC was a barnburner, the following Raw was a barnburner, and Takeover: London was yet another barnburner as well as SmackDown for that matter. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that WWE killed it last week.

That said, let's Recognize some Excellence in Cagesiders



Temptation of a Smark: Debating my Conscience about Roman Reigns - mepsmith

NXT Takeover: London - A Live perspective - sheepmask



First, Wooley's Gone Apeshit, TheDunktownExpress, and others discuss the booking of Roman Reigns at TLC

Chi-Guy847, Gajeel, and others discuss tater tots

Wolfboy007 celebrates Roman Reigns' victory


Huglife tells us how Bayley beat Nia Jax. leuchtmann80 responds:

NothingIsForSure has a lesson for Becky Lynch:

PerfidiousSinn has a highlight from Takeover:

Brigade17 marks:

Dave Walsh responds to Brigade17, sparking an exchange between Mighty Jack and Dave:

Naz Habib, Vidence, and TMadeBurner discuss Baron Corbin's banter:

Vidence lauds Bayley:

Brigade17 has a great analogy for Bayley:

TGreeneSKnight imagines some Baron banter:

My Big Mouth has a lesson for Vince Russo:

PowerProShiner teaches us a lesson:

ThePollux8, Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug, and others discuss Raw:

RamJam898 has a meme:

Tonya Rodgers marks:

Veena gives props to Kevin Owens;

painiac has a message to WWE regarding Roman Reigns:

Amyy reacts to the exchange between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Zentrification responds:

Keezus G reacts to how over Roman Reigns was in Philadelphia. Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman, Ravie30, and LtKubi respond:

Rivan King reacts to a DVD rumor. Gajeel and Kane's...Mug respond:

nymgb44 has an idea for the Mr. McMahon character:

Kane's...Mug has a hope for a Baron Corbin/Finn Balor feud. GooseyGooseAndTheGooseBunch responds:

Mighty Jack explains Sasha Banks' logic about buying a ringside ticket:

Mighty Jack also reacts to Kalisto stealing the show at TLC;

TheMozgovCocktail and Gajeel react to DAT LADDER MATCH:

And finally, Kok Balian presents breakfast:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's stuff, and let's hope for another awesome WWE week.

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