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Rumor Look Back: June 13 - 19, 2015

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Welcome to the Rumor Look Back, where we look at the rumors from six months ago and see how they all played out.  Let's get right to this week's rumors.

June 13, 2015

While WWE has something planned as a Dusty Rhodes tribute tomorrow at Money in the Bank, they also something big in the works for Monday.

At Money in the Bank, they played that incredible Dusty Rhodes tribute and had everyone on the ramp for the 10-bell salute. They played that again on Raw and played clips of Dusty all night long (2/2)

Even though he won’t work a match, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be featured prominently at WrestleMania 32.

I will put this with all the other Austin at WrestleMania 32 rumors.

Brock Lesnar is advertised for Battleground is it looks like he will be wrestling on that show, possibly in a Number One Contenders match.

He did wrestle. It was a title match against Seth Rollins that Undertaker interrupted with a swift kick to the nads. (1/2)

At the Money in the Bank PPV, expect John Cena/Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose to get a lot of time; so don’t expect much from the undercard.

According to our man Cain A Knight's numbers, Cena/Owners got 19m 13s and Ambrose/Rollins got 35m 40s. While the ladder match itself got about 20 minutes, I didn’t count that as an undercard match. The closest match otherwise was the Diva’s Title match, which got 11m 18s.   (1/1)

Despite the two on the same network, there are no plans for Ring of Honor working an angle with TNA.

That’s the case. In fact, six months later, ROH is already off the station and TNA only has two more weeks. (1/1)

June 15, 2015

A SummerSlam poster going around implies that Roman Reigns will be facing Brock Lesnar on that show.

While this isn’t technically a rumor, I’ve opted to grade it because people do look at posters for clues for upcoming events. But I like to remind those people that they once put R-Truth on a Hell in a Cell poster which was a show he wasn’t even on. Brock and Roman have yet to have start to finish one on one match. (0/1)

Lesnar is set to return tonight on Raw.

He returned that night with Paul Heyman when he was announced as Seth Rollins’ next challenger. (1/1)

WWE has big plans for Sheamus, thinking his heel character is a big hit.

He did win the title so I will take this as correct. However if you took the last month out, this would definitely be incorrect. (1/1)

Jerry Lawler has told fans at an event that SmackDown will move back to Friday and go live when they move to USA.

Another pseudo rumor that is proved wrong on both accounts. SmackDown will continue on Thursdays and there has been no word of it becoming live. (0/2)

Byron Saxton will be stepping in for Booker T on commentary while Booker films Tough Enough.

That is the truth. At first, I didn’t dislike Saxton as much as others, but the more I watch Raw, the more he annoys me. Any big Saxton fans out there? (1/1)

June 16, 2015

Unless there’s a change in plans, and nothing has indicated such, Brock Lesnar will win back the WWE Title at Battleground and defend it at SummerSlam.

That is incorrect. Due to Undertaker’s interference, Brock did not win the title at Battlegound. I wonder if Brock will ever be champion again. What do you all think? Leave it in the comments. (0/1)

Word is that Machine Gun Kelly taking the powerbomb from Kevin Owens on Raw was actually his idea. Additionally there’s some talk he got up sooner than he should have and that he was supposed to sell longer.

I loved Owens for that. Props for MGK taking a bump like that, though I would have preferred a stretcher job afterwards.

Billy Gunn was teasing a New Age Outlaws/Prime Time Players feud on Twitter, but apparently there’s nothing to that.

They never feuded and Mr. Ass has since been released due to a positive steroid test from a body building competition. (1/1)

June 17, 2015

There are some beliefs that Steve Austin/Brock Lesnar will happen at WrestleMania 32 and all the denials are part of the work.

There are going to be a lot Austin/Lesnar rumors to mark as incorrect come WrestleMania season.

It looks possible that WWE may hold out the next Kevin Owens/John Cena match until SummerSlam.

No, Cena got his second win at Battleground. He went on to go title vs. title with Rollins at SummerSlam while Owens had a somewhat disappointing feud with Cesaro. (0/1)

Expect WWE to get into the publicity surrounding Donald Trump’s decision to run for president.

To their credit, this rumor is incorrect. Then again, they are not in the business of politics. (0/1)

Barring injury, Nikki Bella will break AJ Lee’s longest reigning Divas’ Champion streak.

She did and then lost it right after. (1/1)

Finn Balor’s call up has been delayed indefinitely. It may not be until next year.

Chances of it being in 2015 are slim to none. (1/1)

June 18, 2015

Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins can still be the SummerSlam main event.

They only had the one match at Battleground. (0/1)

Battleground is likely to add the following matches: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus, Dean Ambrose vs. Kane, Prime Time Players vs. the New Day, and Big Show vs. Ryback vs. the Miz

The triple threat was added but didn’t happen because of Ryback’s injury. Since the rumor is about what’s added and not which happened, I will mark that as correct. Dean Ambrose vs. Kane was the one match that never was announced. (4/5)

AR Fox may be brought in for season 2 of Lucha Underground.

I googled him and didn’t see anything yet. But we’ll hold out until the season is aired.

June 19, 2015

According to the Observer, there were some within WWE who expected Kevin Owens to fail. He’s obviously come through in a big way and there are big plans to push him hard for the foreseeable future.

Ah the dreaded "Push Kevin Owens" rumors that are somewhat objective and very subjective. He has been protected overall and booked rather strongly. On the other hand he is an upper midcarder and positioned lower on the card now than when this rumor dropped 6 months ago. When I hear "big push" I think of someone like Roman and not KO. Feel free to allow the debate rage on in the comments.

The story with Paige trying to rally the Divas division against the Bellas but failing is a setup for the introduction of new women, likely the NXT women.

Yes, though the story was kind of halted and Stephanie McMahon just told us. None-the-less, the rumor is true. (1/1)

Jeff Hardy may be ready to return to the TNA Impact tapings in July.

It was not in a wrestling capacity, he had an angle where he was Ethan Carters personal assistant that was pretty good. (1/1)


This Week:  17/26 - 65%

Overall:  585/1,105 - 53%

Have a great week, everyone.

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