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Hey London! WWE NXT Women's champ Bayley will be your girl

Bayley on Instagram

NXT delivered their usual strong show on Wednesday with TakeOver: London, yet a lot of discussion has been centered on the vocal British fans more than the performers in the ring.

Probably due to a combination of Full Sail-induced weariness and cultural differences, some voices on the internet - including yours truly - were critical of the football (soccer)-style chanting throughout the two hour show which aired on WWE Network. The timing of a few sign-song cheers was questioned, particularly in the Women's championship match.

Well, don't let any cranky old Americans ruin your fun, Londoners. The person who matters most has your back.

If Twitter's blocked for you or you have problem with the embeds, here's what the Hugster posted there:

For the past week in the UK NXT has had the honor of being in front of the most loyal and amazing fun loving fans in the whole world. I'm not just saying that. There were so many times I got emotional just by watching how happy everyone was to see everyone! From Jordan and Gable to "The Perfect 10" to Asuka. The feeling in every building when Sami Zayn's music hit. This past week was everything I love about wrestling. You fans made us feel like kids again. Takeover was breathtaking. I've never had fans literally bring me back to life like that. You guys didn't give up on me, so I will never give up on you. Thank you London.

And on Instagram:

So happy to have met some of #NXTs finest fans. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the support from the UK Huggers Thank you all. Until next time!

In light of this information, and because it was never my intention to insult anyone, I offer the following to Cagesiders I upset with my criticism:

With that settled, hopefully we can all move forward. Now let's enjoy the champ's new theme song!

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