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Cageside Live! The 'Aye...We Want Some Sigh-Lence' edition (WWE NXT TakeOver: London review)

WWE's best week evah rolled on yesterday with "Triple H presents NXT TakeOver: London starring Triple H".

Despite being the dude who's covered NXT for cSs since the Hulu-only days, life kept me from watching the show as it was broadcast on Wednesday afternoon. My main man Dave Walsh did a bang-up job filing in on the official reactions, but Geno & I decided we'd (Google) Hangout and to bring you the third CSL of the week so we can share our thoughts. Not like we need an excuse to hook-up our mics and/or cameras to talk rassling with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs...

So if you're not sick of us already, come along as we talk death by Asuka, the weirdness of hearing "How You Doin?" in 10,000 British accents, revisit our debate on if NXT Women's champ Joan She-na Bayley will draw money for WWE and probably get heat from fans who love sing-song chanting, Finn Bálor marks or both.

And maybe even get to a few of your questions from the comments below & Twitter when the show starts at 1PM Eastern.

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