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WWE SmackDown preview (December 17, 2015): REMIX

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Look, the Teddy Long gimmick wasn't working (and was several years past its sell-by date anyway), and we already do a should/afraid on Mondays to get ready for Raw. With the blue brand headed to a new network with a new voice, it's time the Preview gave SmackDown some respect.

What better way to do that than by focusing on the pre-announced segment...and then talking about Raw?

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Zigger

Back in the days before this past Sunday's TLC pay-per-view (PPV) when Owens was still Intercontinental champion, these two men put on a lengthy match where KO was able to retain against The Show-Off.  Dean Ambrose cut-off the then-titleholder's music to come down to the ring with his hands full of snacks...because he's crazy...and threw them in Kevin's face when he complained about not having his theme played.

Fast forward through Ambrose capturing the belt in Boston with a roll-up, and Ziggler was again battling for the IC strap, this time against Dean. Rather than wait until after the match, or haphazardly start laying into both men, Owens broke up the contest by throwing Dolph from the ring. Sure, he kicked the Lunatic Fringe's ass right after that, but it was that little detail that triggered the disqualification in the challenger's favor. And that meant that his rival, the man we now know he plans to literally drive insane, took the loss.

Tonight, Dolph and Owens rematch their bout from December 7, but this time, no championships are at stake. This is a way for Ziggler to get some retribution for the loss and the attack that cost him a chance to finish his title match against Ambrose with a win that would have given him the belt for a fifth time.

We can be almost certain that Dean will get involved somehow. He's been vocal in his criticism of how KO carried himself as champ, so he'd definitely not going to like being cheated out of a win and a proper end to his match with Dolph. The most interesting thing about this match is whether it gives us an indication of what The Show-Off will be up to next. His program with Tyler Breeze looks to be over, but will he just bide time until entering the Royal Rumble match? Or could the Intercontinental title picture include three men for a while, maybe even with Dolph as the serious contender for the belt while Owens tries to personally destroy the champ?


Not sure if this will stick or not in future Previews, but I thought we'd try to get prepared for Thursday night by checking in briefly on wrestlers who came out of Monday night looking good, and those that didn't.


Roman Reigns - Victories don't get any bigger than The Big Dog's, as in the course of two days he took down the League of Nations, which includes the now-former WWE champ and the current United States champ Alberto Del Rio, the on-screen Chief Operating Officer Triple H and his real-life father-in-law & Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon. His job was already on the line before he punched Mr. McMahon on Raw, so winning the World title may have just been the start of more problems for Romey.

Neville & Miz - As an angle that leads to wins and a move up the card, the Awesome One's recruitment of the former NXT champ will probably never amount to much. But, hey, it's a story! And anything that lets Miz act like a douche on my screen is a win in my book.

The Wyatt Family - beating up a bunch of middle aged men like the ECW alums once doesn't make you scary. But do it two nights in a row...THE EATER OF WORLDS IS REBORN!

The New Day - respectful of their vanquished foes and great dancers? So much win in the tag champs...

Charlotte & Becky Lynch - The Lasskicker isn't going to approve of the Flair's methods whenever she figures it out, but for now, the dirtiest players in the game are helping her get wins. Eventually, we're going to get a story we can comprehend with a clear heel and a pure face, too, so we're winners as well.


Sheamus - In reality, the Celtic Warrior did a great job of being the stooge you wanted to see get creamed by Reigns. In kayfabe, he and all his boys not only couldn't beat Roman, they let down the McMahons...

Jack Swagger & Ryback - Not only can the Real American not beat the Bulgarian beast, his mentor Zeb Colter has now disappeared from the scene. The Big Guy is just really, really dumb.

Lucha Dragons & The Usos - Poor sportmanship, Michael Cole can't tell them apart and Jim's wife is rubbing booties with E.

Team B.A.D. & Team Bella - Sasha Banks and company are working someone else's gimmick while being forced to buy their own way into shows. Brie and Foxy are just foils for Flairs at this point. Not sure what would help the beautiful and dangerous crew, but for the Bellas...C'mon Nikki!

(Note: I know some folks have come looking for a more definitive match listing - that will be posted behind spoiler text in the comments. If releases more information on anything that's officially going to take place on tonight's show, that'll be updated here)

Winners. Losers. All are welcome to watch tonight's SmackDown with your friends here at cSs!

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