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Sami Zyan returns to NXT TV next week but he cut a special promo at Takeover: London

Following the NXT Takeover: London event today at Wembley, WWE taped a match between Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger that will air on next Wednesday night's episode as Zayn's big return to NXT TV. After, he stuck around to say a few words to the crowd:

"Guys, I hate to cut you off, it sounds like you're having a lot of fun but there's about seven months now there's something I've been waiting to say, and I've gotta get it off my chest -- I'M BACK.

"I feel like the last... nevermind seven months, I feel like the trend in my career has been that every time a dream comes true it quickly turns into a nightmare. It happened when I won the NXT championship and it happened when I showed up on Monday Night Raw to take on John Cena in my hometown. But tonight was a dream and tonight that trend is broken.

"Guys, you've been an amazing audience all night for over three hours just screaming your heads off, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and how much everyone (backstage) appreciates it. They hear it! They hear you! Let them hear you!


"... We love you. We love touring the UK. This is not just like 'oh, thank you for coming,' I sincerely mean it. There is no way we would have been able to come here without the rabid support of some of the best fans I have ever had the pleasure of working in front of. Thank you."

Next week should be fun!

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