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Cageside Live! The "We're thinking Roman's back" edition (WWE TLC 2015 Review)

Finally...WWE has listened to us and booked Roman Reigns like a silent badass.

Or at least they did for a few minutes last night on the surprisingly strong TLC pay-per-view (PPV). The Big Dog did everything but call Charlie to make a dinner reservation for four last night in Boston.

But did it a hot few minutes just mask problems with his character and the show in general, or represent a leap forward in storytelling and a sign of better things to come as we head into WrestleMania season?

Folks are buzzing about Roman, in a good way, this morning, so we'll keep making noise about him and the rest of the WWE product when Geno, me and Cageside Live kills you with a f***ing pencil during our TLC Fallout show.

This whole thing will probably make a lot more sense if you've seen John Wick, so I really hope you have...

But if you haven't, we won't really murder you with a pencil. And we might even get to some of your questions from the comments below & Twitter when the show starts at 1PM Eastern.

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