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The REC Awards: December 6 - 12, 2015

Oh hey, it's another Sunday, and it's a lovely one at that. Before we endure TLC, let us Recognize some Excellence in Cagesiders

Just remember everyone, NXT Takeover: London is on Wednesday. Keep that in mind.

And now for a note: I am aware that I did exclude a few highly-rec'd comments, including one that broke 100. However, I did choose to leave them out for reasons of decency. Yes, they were pretty funny, but I don't feel right including them. Apologies.



Assumed Transcript of Last Night's Raw Main Event - ctre6

The Seth Commandments - Zentrification

Ideas WWE could take from NXT to improve Raw, SmackDown - BlackjackXXI



SomePunkKidd, TotalScrub, The Amazing A-hole, and others list facts of life

PerfidiousSinn, The Notorious Eddie Mac, and others react to Emma and Dana Brooke's impending doom


MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns tells us how we would know when Jim Ross would die:

Doug E. Fresh has an idea:

hitmen99 has a question about Charlotte comparing herself to The Rock. TheEighthDoctor responds:

Cain A. Knight has the real answer:

SkiBron James has a response to Triple H wanting to fix Raw:

Cain A. Knight has a warning:

King Blueberry has his memory challenged due to the Jake Roberts video:

JakeMHS and VTHokie2007 responds to Jim Ross' Twitter being hacked:

signor responds to a quote from Triple H's conference call:

Vidence gushes over another great moment from NXT:

hlc1221 has a question. Some answers are provided:

Chi-Guy847 celebrates another F rating from Geno. Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug responds:

JimmyV723 gives the highlight of Raw. Veena responds:

TotalScrub rips Roman Reigns:

Zhahnruh does some Photoshop:

shaqustewart93 reacts to Raw. Flashking responds:

Jenzel Washington has some words for Dewey Foley:

Boxingnut4324 refreshes our memories:

TotalScrub, Kane's...Mug, jparker913, and Sorwah list facts or something:

Gajeel, RKitch2112, Zentrification, and others gush over The New Day:

Vic Zanzibar reacts to Stardust being injured after a match with Jack Swagger. Gajeel responds:

Kane's...Mug and TotalScrub react to a rumor about the MexAmerica angle:

suiko reacts to a rumor about the Jake Roberts video:

The Amazing A-hole reacts to Sasha Banks accepting an invite to a military ball:

Kyle Decker reacts to something from SmackDown:

TheDunktownExpress and Shoemaker react to some booking issues:

M. GOMEZ has some bad news about Taste of Tenille. Jomosensual responds with some truth:

And finally, DiamondDogs has a question for Sami Zayn:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Try to enjoy TLC, and tune in for next week's stuff.

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