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New NXT shirts for Bayley, Asuka

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With NXT Takeover coming up yet again next Wednesday live from London, as always, NXT released some new merchandise in anticipation of the show. Included in the rollout is a shirt for Asuka and two more for Bayley (supporting the idea that Bayley is a big seller, since I don't recall any of the other NXT women getting more than one total, and Bayley has two new ones already. Just wait, folks, she'll be getting shirts in 50 different colors with a new one out every week soon enough.) Hopefully more will be released in the days to come, especially for some folks like Emma, who hasn't gotten one in ages, and Dana Brooke who definitely needs her first shirt.

Asuka's first shirt in WWE thus far:


Bayley Shirt #1:

Bayley 1

Bayley Shirt #2:

Bayley 2

This second one for Bayley is really great, clearly playing off Owens' original duct tape KO shirt when he burst on to the scene at NXT.

You buying, Cagesiders? Get Asuka's here, Bayley's here and here.

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