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Cageside Live! 515 Leagues Under the See edition (WWE Raw from November 30, 2015)

Geno Mrosko and I are back, ladies and germs, to discuss an episode of WWE Raw where (depending on which rumors you believed) Vince McMahon may or may not have been panicking about the ratings slide his shows have taken over the last several months.

They definitely tried some things...Sheamus got to hang out with The New Day (and almost every other heel on the roster - who all happen to have either brown skin or hail from outside the United States), The Dudleyz dipped into the 90s well for some back-up nostalgia pop to face The Wyatts, Charlotte may have picked up another of her father's characteristics - and turned the woman who mocked her dead brother babyface in the process.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns was more Theodore Logan than John Wick. And Kevin Owens was nowhere to be found.

Where does that leave us on a scale of "rage quit" to "intrigued"?

Find out, and see if we ever get to some of your questions from the comments below & Twitter when the show starts at 1PM Eastern.

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