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The REC Awards: November 1 - 7, 2015

Another week is in the books that means it's time for us to Recognize Excellence in Cagesiders.

Let's do this thang...


First, Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug, ThePollux8, Brigade17, and others discuss who could win Vacant's WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Flashking, drock1331, Zhahnruh, and others envision WWE performers as Street Fighter characters


kmtierney has a wish:

My Big Mouth responds to Steve Austin's comments about Seth Rollins:

HailBreezus rages:

sheepmask knows why a WWE cameraman forgot who Batista was:

Multiple Cagesiders give us their picks for the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion:

MatBurnz79, The Amazing A-hole, and Armads react to Dean Ambrose's awesome post-SmackDown promo:

Vidence and M. GOMEZ react to Nikki Bella sustaining an injury:

Bo$$ E posts an awesome GIF from this week's NXT. AntonSirius responds:

The Amazing A-hole and others discuss everybody's favorite sociopathic family man:

Tonya Rodgers has a countdown:

Face Off has something to remind us of:

Cain A. Knight isn't convinced of something:

Magnus Magnolius gives his thoughts of Raw:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns has an idea for Seth Rollins upon his return. Lanny AD and DOYMarshall respond:

Swanton Bomb reacts to the conspiracy surrounding Rollins' injury:

Tonya Rodgers has an issue about Rollins' opponent on the night that he got injured:

Up next are multiple reactions to learning that Seth Rollins got injured:

Zentrification reacts to a Lucha Underground rumor. TheDunktownExpress responds:

TheGoose01 reacts to an Undertaker rumor. Others respond:

ThePollux8 has a simple reaction to a rumor:

So does Jenzel Washington:

Cain A. Knight has thoughts about Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania:

Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug and Jomosensual discuss the upcoming Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose feud:

RKitch2112 and innocent1 have an idea for Survivor Series:

Zhahnruh sums up The Wyatt Family's opposition:

Flashking, Jomosensual, Ripley Bishop, and Kane's...Mug (you know who you are) discuss Roman Reigns and ratings:

Kevin Kostka and jeffgm react to Sasha Banks being shunned on the PWI list:

kmtierney, Lordban, Zentrification, and KiniskiFan have a reminder:

Chickendippa reacts to a new feud:

Zhahnruh gives a SmackDown highlight:

Kane's...Mug has a sad point about the roster:

Sal "Lupo" Cusmano has an issue with Batista's Kickboxer portrayal:

JakeMHS has the right idea:

And to end this week, I present rage over Vacant getting yet another title reign:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next week for more stuff.

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