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Big E's Twitter assault of Tom Phillips starts nasty and stays that way

The New Day's disdain for all backstage interviewers (except maybe JoJo aka Josephine) is well documented.

But things have taken a turn with Big E's Tweets at Tom Phillips over the last twenty-four hours:

Poor Tom tries to fire back, and with nothing more than a little photographic evidence:

C'mon, Phillips. Would a man who routinely does this in public...

really feel shamed by a few pics? And when a man accuses you of having a diary of your knicker-sniffing escapades, you better come with something more than "you're creepy".

As is befitting such a weak comeback, Tom gets it again from E - and this time it's just...nasty.

Clearly not getting it, Phillips tries once more:

But, probably sensing that not only doesn't he know the rules,  but Tom isn't even playing the same game he is, Big Wool has taken mercy on him and left the crapping-in-public, grandparent-blaming announcer alone.

If he changes his mind, or decides to go after his nemesis Eden, we'll let you know.

Update: It's still going, and Phillips is still hopelessly outmatched.

Someone stop the damn match.

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