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Cameron learns a hard lesson: Do not slap Asuka

Cameron is in the midst of a journey to make herself the very best that she can be in pro wrestling, so she's currently working down in NXT. That includes a match with Asuka on the show that aired tonight on the WWE Network and she was taught a very valuable lesson during the bout.

Do not slap Asuka.

Skip to the 0:13 mark of the above video to see it. Cameron throws a kick that is caught easily and immediately resorts to begging Asuka for mercy. She gives it too, and Cameron, apparently under the impression she's in the ring with the likes of Eva Marie or some woman who won't rip your soul out, actually takes this kindness for weakness and slaps Asuka.

Asuka, because she has become death, the destroyer of worlds, actually allows Cameron to smack her in the face just so she can grab the arm and roll Cameron over to work an armbar.

It's worth repeating: Do not slap Asuka.

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