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Your guide to pro wrestling Cyber Monday deals from WWE, TNA and more

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No, we're not talking about the old WWE pay-per-view (PPV) where fans voted on Raw to book a show on Tuesday night. Although, if I were running an online porn outfit, I might try to get Taboo Tuesday over as the name of a post-Thanksgiving sale... gotta sell that Submission Sorority merch somehow.

Anyway, what we are talking about is something our boy D-Bry asked us not shopping!

Though we missed out on some Black Friday sales, a lot of pro wrestling companies are offering new deals for the Monday after Thanksgiving...or extending the ones that kicked off the holiday consuming frenzy last week.

Here are the promotions that put a twinkle in our eye:

WWE Shop is offering up to 75% off select merchandise and using the code "CYBER" at checkout will get you an additional 25% off and free (standard U.S.) shipping on orders over $15. Sale ends on December 1 at 2:59AM Eastern, and excludes gift cards and Connor's Cure products.

Shop TNA already had their Hardcore Harvest sale going on throughout the month of November, including free shipping on orders over $40, and purchases made today will include a Kurt Angle "Cyborg" banner.

Ring of Honor has cut prices on all of their Video on Demand (VOD) shows by 50% (75% for Ringside members) until midnight Eastern tonight.

Lucha Underground merchandise is 20% off until 11:59PM tonight when you use the (freaking awesome) promo code "CUETO"

WWNLive has extended their Black Friday deal of 50% off BluRays and big discounts on merchanside & regular DVDs, plus $9.99 streaming shows, for Cyber Monday. They're also giving us this dope Roderick Strong vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. match for FREE!

Let us know in the comments if there are sales we missed and...

Happy holiday purchasing!