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Brad Maddox reveals his post-WWE ring name

Wikimedia Commons

Even though his most high profile appearance in the last year and a half since being relieved of his Raw General Manager duties was as a turkey tombstoned by the Undertaker, the circumstances surrounding Brad Maddox's exit from WWE caught fans by surprise.

Maddox himself needed a pick-me-up after he was fired for non-family-friendly language in a dark match segment last Tuesday. But that hasn't stopped beautiful Brad from getting right back on the horse.

Seeing as how his old one is owned by WWE, the former FCW champ, whose real name is real name Tyler Kluttz, told Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet that he's settled on his new wrestling moniker...

Mad Braddox.


It's recognizable in a way that allows him to get something from having a high-profile run with the biggest pro wrestling company in history, and fits with the anti-comedy schtick that earned him a small but loyal following on the internet.

No word on his first independent bookings, but he is launching an online store at later today where he's promised three shirt it doesn't look like he'll be hiding in a cave for long.

What do you think of the name? Where do you hope to see Mad Braddox next?