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This Day in Wrestling History (Nov. 30): A November to Remember

36 years ago today in Tokushima, Japan, Antonio Inoki defeated Bob Backlund to win the WWF Championship. He would vacate the championship a week later in Tokyo following a rematch that went to a no contest due to interference by Tiger Jeet Singh.

Antonio's brief reign is not recognized by WWE. Backlund would regain the title in mid-December by defeating Bobby Duncam in a Texas deathmatch. Backlund is recognized officially as having one uninterrupted championship run from 1978 to 1983, meaning in official WWE history, Antonio Inoki never won the company's top prize.

18 years ago today, ECW presented November to Remember (WWE Network link) from the Golden Dome in Monaca, Pennsylvania. A then-record 4,694 fans were in attendance, with 80,000 homes watching on PPV.

  • In a dark match, Chris Chetti & Spike Dudley defeat Erin O'Grady & Paul Diamond.
  • Chris Candido & Lance Storm defeated Jerry Lynn & Tommy Rogers.
  • Mikey Whipwreck defeated Justin Credible.
  • Taz defeated Pitbull #2 to retain the ECW World Television Championship in just 89 seconds.
  • The FBI (Little Guido & Tracy Smothers) defeat The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley), Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney, and The Gangstanators (John Kronus & New Jack) in a four-team elimination match to retain the ECW World Tag Team Championship.
    • The Dudley Boyz eliminated The Gangstanators.
    • Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney eliminated The Dudley Boyz.
    • The FBI eliminated Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney.
  • Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer went to a no contest in an ECW vs. WWF flag match.
  • Sabu defeated The Sandman in a Tables & Ladders match.
  • Shane Douglas defeated Bam Bam Bigelow to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship for the fourth and final time. He would hold the title until January 1999 when he is defeated by Taz. His 405-day run as champion is the longest in ECW history, including the reboot. He also has the second longest, a 385-day run spanning most of 1994 and part of 1995.

17 years ago today on RAW is WAR from Baltimore, Maryland (WWE Network link), Big Boss Man defeated Mankind in a ladder match to win the WWF Hardcore Championship.

16 years ago today on Nitro, Bret Hart defeated Diamond Dallas Page by KO to win the WCW United States Championship. In the show's opening match, Konnan defeated Chris Jericho to win the WCW World Television Championship.

5 years ago today, Celeste Bonin, aka Kaitlyn, wins NXT Season 3. The rookie for Vickie Guerrero was an eleventh-hour replacement for Isis the Amazon when it was discovered by WWE that she did some risqué photo shoots. Bonin would win the WWE Divas Championship in June 2013 and would leave the WWE earlier this year to focus on her clothing line.