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The REC Awards: November 22 - 28, 2015

Well, wasn't last week an abysmal one for WWE? Questionable booking, tanking ratings, regular insults to their fans.....just feels like another week in paradise. To break up the monotony, let us Recognize some Excellence in Cagesiders.



Let's just turn everyone in WWE heel - ctre6

RAW’s got 99 problems - sheepmask

Re-evaluating the Main Roster - Aeolus1900

Kane Deserves All Of Our Respect and Here's Why - DerekLavezzo

Creating the worst promotion possible - a WWE 2K16 simulation! - Patrick Carson



First, Koko Balian has an idea regarding a now-infamous Roman Reigns pic. Responses follow

Brigade17 rages about something not-Finn Balor related. TheMozgovCocktail, Zentrification, and others respond

mreedesq gives us another hope:

Roy Latham died... and Zhahnruh react to Steve Austin's remarks about Cesaro:

KingMonkeynuts rages:

Brigade17 reacts to Big E (kayfabe) cheating on Sasha Banks with Becky Lynch:

riotstorm948 makes a good point about the Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch affair. Veena responds:

Kevin Kostka puns about a Becky Lynch pun:

mreedesq responds to Daniel Bryan protesting Black Friday:

Kevin Kostka has a question. The Amazing A-hole has a simple answer:

Doug E. Fresh reacts to Sami Callihan being released from NXT:

kdotj24 has a sad truth about WWE:

Mighty Jack reacts to Mick Foley's rant toward WWE:

So does Veena:

Beige Lunatics puns:

Geno Mrosko gushes about ctre6's heel-turn FanPost:

Sean Rueter captions a pic involving Charlotte:

So does Zhahnruh:

TwoBells and BMAMag rage about WWE firing Brad Maddox:

My Big Mouth tells us why Maddox was REALLY fired:

RobertONeill31 wishes Maddox well:

jeffgm tells us what book a NXT fan was reading during Eva Marie vs Bayley:

Nidoqueen puns:

The Bong from Tamland uses a hashtag. Arai responds with either a rant or a promo (or both):

rancho king celebrates:

Christopher Novak responds to Raw's abysmal rating. PeterOwen00 responds with THE comment. Reactions follow:

Jenzel Washington has some ideas to fix WWE:

Lordban does some comparing. Cactus Love responds with truth:

ThePollux8 visualizes Raw. Jenzel Washington corrects him:

Vidence breaks down the closing segment from Raw. Responses follow:

Brigade17 shares his form of entertainment:

TheMozgovCocktail shares a pic:

Brigade17 speaks some heel truth. Tonya Rodgers fires right back:

Gajeel responds to the latest injury. Rivan King and Otis C. respond:

Gajeel has a simple wish:

Decepticon : LockDown has a question regarding some awards. J. Oliver logically answers:

Brigade17 freaks out about a rumor:

Brigade also brings out the ether. Zentrification and Zhahnruh respond:

Vince Russo's Antithesis has an apt comparison about the end of Survivor Series:

Flashking nails some truth:

Tonya Rodgers rages. Roy Latham died... responds:

LivingInFantasy12 shares a pic. I'mnotyourboytoy responds with an observation:

shaqustewart93 has them feels:

nick_flip puns:

And finally, Beige Lunatics puns. Ravie30 responds:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next time for more stuff.

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