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Rumor Look Back: May 22 - 28, 2015

Welcome to the Rumor Look Back, where we look at the rumors from six months ago and see how they all played out.  Let's jump right to it.

May 22, 2015

It appears that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are front-runners to win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

I’m betting a lot of people out there were wishing this rumor were true right now. But it was Sheamus. Our new WWE World Heavyweight champion Sheamus. (0/2)

It doesn’t look like the plan is for Lana to stick with Dolph Ziggler for very long.

They were still an item at SummerSlam until Lana got injured. That’s three months from this time so I’m going to mark this as incorrect. In fact if it weren’t for, her injury, then Rusev’s injury, and a TMZ leak about their engagement (that lead to nuclear heat), they may still be an on air item. (0/1)

Big Show is expected back on WWE television at any time.

He was back June 1 to confront Ryback and start their intercontinental title feud. (1/1)

TNA’s move to Wednesday night was requested when they went to Destination America to ask for subsidies to help pay talent. The time slot move was the only request granted.

The TNA deal now is still unknown, but hopefully it goes better than the Destination America one.

May 23, 2015

Vince McMahon is making it clear to everyone that WrestleMania 32 must be a sell-out and the show will be "All hands on deck.’

While I think WrestleMania sells well no matter what, there’s no direction for this year’s show yet. Roman Reigns may or may not be champion at the time. There’s no direction yet for Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, nor John Cena. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton are hurt. While I still bet they will sell out because people like going to WrestleMania, it may be tougher than years past with no creative direction heading that way yet and a very large stadium to fill.

There’s been some talk about having Samoa Joe appear at Elimination Chamber to get involved in the John Cena/Kevin Owens bout in some form.

That did not happen. Kevin Owens/Samoa Joe is the one major feud that NXT built that never really got a resolution. (0/1)

Lucha Underground is apparently still in talks with Rey Mysterio but a deal could all depend on getting a new TV deal for the second season.

This looks like a retread of the rumor I did last week. This will remain to be seen and we will circle around when season 2 has had taped.

May 25, 2015

There’s been talk about a Triple H/Seth Rollins match down the road.

While Seth’s injury may have derailed that, it’s still possible it happens when he comes back, especially if he comes back to a quick face turn.

Brie Bella can be taking time off alongside her husband Daniel Bryan.

Brie has been pretty active alongside her sister and took no real time off. She was part of the reason that Paige could not overcome Nikki on her own and then was part of the Team Bella when the Divas’ division turned into trios. (0/1)

There is belief within WWE that Ronda Rousey will still be working WrestleMania next year and that her vehement denial of that is a work.

This still remains to be seen. I wonder if her recently loss to Holly Holm would alter any plans if they were originally in place. If Ronda wants to completely refocus on UFC and getting her title back, WWE antics may be out.

Vince’s current mindset is not to bring in anyone who has been on national TV as of late – meaning no one from TNA.

Tough call because he brought in the Dudleys a few months later and Bully Ray had been featured on TNA TV. I am not counting NXT in this, but the Dudleys factor seems to make this incorrect. (0/1)

May 26, 2015

There is apparently a big surprise in the works for Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

Hmmm… well Ryback won the intercontinental title and Seth Rollins retained his title against Dean Ambrose with a Dusty finish and those aren’t surprises. So is Kevin Owens going over Cena clean a surprise? Part of me wants to say no, a finish of a match is not a surprise since it is always a possibility. But at the same time, it is someone going over Cena clean. I’m leaning on the KO victory as a surprise but let me know what you all think in the comments. (1/1)

It looks like WWE is going to drop the Russian aspect for both Lana and Rusev soon. Don’t expect any explanations.

Rusev was soon Bulgarian again but Lana was still Russian at the time of her injury. (1/2)

If it seems like Kevin Owens has been pushed to the moon lately, it’s because he has big supporters within WWE and apparently there are big plans for him in the future.

The rumors were much more sour after his feud with Cena and the fat comments started surfacing. Sure he’s Intercontinental champion now, but there were no big developments, at least within these last 6 months. (0/1)

May 27, 2015

There’s been talk of Roman Reigns turning heel at Elimination Chamber but you shouldn’t expect it.

This is one of those rumors that washes itself out to go 50/50 no matter what happened. Half saying he will, half saying he won’t. He did not and he is still face. (1/2)

There’s talk that Christy Hemme is done with TNA because she has a job outside of wrestling.

She was announcing still at Bound for Glory in October and she still retweets all the TNA information so it looks like she still works for them. (0/1)

Austin Aries’ contract is up with TNA soon and it looks like he will leave to work the indies.

That was true. Despite being on TV the last few months, those shows were the ones taped a while ago and he has been working Ring of Honor and other indie promotions. (1/1)

May, 28, 2015

If Rusev is unable to work the Elimination Chamber, Bray Wyatt is apparently being discussed as his replacement.

Mark Henry was actually his replacement. That’s fine. It’d just be another loss Wyatt would have under his belt. (0/1)

There is talk within WWE about promoting a women’s match to main event an NXT Takever.

They had the Iron Man match to main event TakeOver: Respect. (Wasn’t better than Brooklyn.)  (1/1)

The thoughts regarding Samoa Joe’s contract with WWE now that Ring of Honor is on Destination America is that nothing will change. There is some speculation that WWE will try to make him exclusive but it just speculation at the time.

Well they did change things because he couldn’t work ROH shows like planned and they did up making him exclusive. (1/2)


This Week:  7/19 - 37%

Overall:  532/1,026 - 52%

Have a great week, everyone.