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Kevin Owens latest Twitter takedown is his most vicious yet

JP Yim/Getty Images

Last night in Atlanta, an enterprising fan decided to make himself a sign and take it into Philip's Arena for Survivor Series.

Even on a night with greatly increased security, that's not that bold an act. What set this guy apart was that he decided to make fun of Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens with his sign. As many a Twitter userbackstage interviewer and star of 90s sitcoms for kids have learned in the past, KO has no problem taking down critics and naysayers.

This dude? This poor bastard with his sign trying to be funny by using Owen's signature chant to make a fat joke? He may have just gotten Kev's most lethal response yet...

As a wise Baltimorean once said, "you come at the king, you best not miss."

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