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Breathe easy, WWE Universe...New Day reports Big E is okay after Survivor Series elimination

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Epsilon on Twitter

It was a crazy night for tag champs The New Day at Survivor Series in Atlanta.

First off, they weren't even advertised as being booked on the show - and this after Xavier Woods went and got his hairs did!

Then, they were forced to try to integrate (now WWE champ) Sheamus' awkward Will Smith references from the 90s into their entrance promo. And adding injury to insult, their beloved Big E was eliminated from the traditional 5-on-5 tag elimination match.

Fearing damaged tricep meat, Kofi Kingston & Woods were forced to leave the action in the seemingly capable hands of soon-to-be-four-time world champ to get medical assistance for the former Intercontinental & NXT champ.

Luckily, it all worked out okay...

Thanks to the support of his squad, and a guy with a problem similar to Ryback's: