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Cageside Live! Geno wants to talk about WWE Survivor Series edition

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Two shows in under 24 hours! Two different co-hosts! Same dang Sean!

The General is too busy actually running the site to talk about WWE pay-per-views (PPVs) immediately after they go off the air, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have thoughts, jokes and hot takes to share with you, the best damn pro wrestling community on the internet.

Monday's after PPV Sundays mean a special edition of #CSL. We'll talk about last night's Survivor Series show, how unenthused he is by the prospect of a Sheamus' title run of any length, what he thought about the celebration of all things Undertaker and the pity-party they threw for Roman Reigns.

Which will also serve as a nice segue into previewing tonight's Raw, where we're all bracing ourselves for a twenty minute Triple H promo to open the show.

We might even get to some of your questions from the comments below & Twitter (those we can make time for around the non sequitors, ranting, cat walk-bys and general flirtation) when the show starts at 1PM Eastern.

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