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WWE Survivor Series 2015 results: Charlotte submits Paige to retain Divas championship

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WWE was doing its level best to move past the controversial storyline they used this past Monday to create interest in the Divas title storyline. Any mention of Reid Flair, Charlotte's brother who died of an overdose, were scrubbed from the video package.

And this after a pre-show interview where the Divas champ apologzied for losing her cool during Raw.

When it came time for the match, the audience in Atlanta seemed to have moved past their entire feud. A silent Phillips Arena watched as they tried to sell this as a vicious personal battle, with Paige trying her best to draw some real heat. Unfortunately, the only reaction Charlotte got was when she used her father's signature chops and the crowd WOOOO-ed along to them.

The champ showed some fire when she locked on her submission finisher, refusing to release it when she draped herself off the apron to increase the pressure, dropping her on the apron and mocking her with her catch phrase during the assault.

The Anti-Diva regained control, but it was a very slow-paced affair for what was being sold as a blood feud. The champ hit her seldom-seen-on-the-main-roster finisher, Natural Selection, but the big spot was when Charlotte knocked Paige off the barricade while she was showboating.

She rolled her opponent into the ring and locked in the Figure 8 once again. This time Paige tapped out.

Charlotte retained in a long match that couldn't get the audience engaged...perhaps as a result of the on-again, off-again booking on our way to and even during the match.

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