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WWE Survivor Series 2015 results: Traditional 5-on-5 tag elimination gets the Kickoff spot, Goldust leads his team to victory

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When WWE didn't bother to announce the participants in the lone traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match ahead of time for the pay-per-view (PPV) once built on such bouts, we knew it wasn't a booking priority. Then it got bumped to the pre-show.

Miz, Bo Dallas and Cosmic Wasteland (Stardust and Konnor & Viktor of The Ascension) were announced first, representing the heels. Neville, The Dudley Boyz, Titus O'Neil and...a returning Goldust!...showed up for the good guys.

It was the first we've seen of Dustin "Goldust" Rhodes since his feud with brother Cody "Stardust" Rhodes was called off last Spring (not counting an out-of-character appearance at NXT TakeOver: Respect to present a trophy to the winners of a tournament held in honor of their father, Dusty).

Goldy started against his brother, but when the Prince of Dark Matter tagged to Viktor, he was quickly eliminated and the faces went up a man. Things got spot-heavy for the fan favorites at that point. O'Neil worked over Konnor, Bubba Ray and D-Von hit him with the Wassup headbutt and Neville dived on a group of heels that had been cleared from the ring.

Following a commercial break, Bubba took out the other half of The Ascension as Team Goldust went up five-to-three. D-Von was felled in the wrong corner, however, and was worked over for a while until he was able to catch Stardust when the villain tried a top rope axe handle. Neville came in like a house afire, but he got hit by finishers by Dallas and Miz (to a nice bit of heat) to be eliminated.

The Awesome One taunted the opposing team, which allowed Goldust to roll him up. Stardust and Bo were alone, but they used a distraction created by Miz arguing with the referee to put a beating on the returning veteran. After another commercial break, things stayed that way for a while as the heels hammed it up while working over Goldy.

He finally found an opening to get to one of the best hot tags in the business, and Titus set the rudos up for Bionic Elbows from Bubba and Goldust before O'Neil hit his finisher on Dallas to make Stardust the last man on his squad. He tried to walk out, but was cut off and forced to face his brother. He was chased into a 3-D, as everyone but Neville survived to win.

This does take the number of matches announced for the main card down to six. Will we get another elimination tag added to the show...maybe featuring the tag champs?

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